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Architectural professionals are involved in shaping our built environment. Their efforts are evident everywhere you look, from the simple construction of a low-cost housing project to the most sophisticated technology employed in the erection of skyscrapers. Architectural professionals are employed in the design, technological resolution and management of construction projects. Architecture is part art and part science, and graduates can decide where they wish to position themselves.

As a profession, architecture offers a wide range of opportunities as it involves every aspect of the design and construction process. Work begins from the very outset of the design process through investigation and documentation of the requirements of the project. Work continues through the design process, contract administration and construction supervision, right through to when the project is handed over to the client.

In the undergraduate programme, students will develop proficiency in graphic skills, attain knowledge of good building practice, gain understanding of architectural professional practice, and develop an appreciation of aesthetic and design principles. Students will also acquire the necessary skills in order to be productive and contribute to industry in a meaningful manner.

Once students have successfully completed the undergraduate qualification and gained a broad understanding of the field of Architecture, they are able to specialise in the postgraduate offering in either Architectural Design or Architectural Management.

Career Opportunities

The architectural profession offers a wide range of specialisations from management to technology and design. Graduates will be able to register with the following professional bodies/institutes:
  • South African Council for the Architectural Profession
  • South African Institute for Architectural Technologists

Work Integrated Learning/Architectural Technology Practice

Students complete a period of hands-on learning under the mentorship of a practicing architect/architectural technologist and through the guidance of a full-time staff member. This component comprises the subject Architectural Technology Practice and involves in-service learning during the second year of study.​