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​Edition 09 - April​ 2016
Art Much? Edition 09.

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​Edition 07 - March 2015
The Melville Issue
Art Much? Edition 07.
Edition 06 - July 2014
Art Much?
Edition 05 - March 2014
​The Freedom issue
Art Much? Edition 05.
Edition 04 - July 2013
​Art Much? Edition 04.

​Edition 03 - March 2013
Art Much? Edition 03. 
Edition 02 - July 2012
The Art Much? Edition 02.
Edition 01​ - March 2012
The launch edition of Art Much?View


UJ Arts & Culture launched an all-new arts and culture magazine entitled Art Much? in March 2012.

The brainchild of Ashraf Johaardien, Head of UJ Arts & Culture, the eye-catching launch edition of Art Much? features articles by arts personalities Michelle Constant, Gerard Robinson and Renette Bouwer amongst others; articles about recent Tunkie Dance Award recipient Gladys Aghulas and the tenth anniversary of the Artscape New Writing Programme in Cape Town; award-winning playwright Pieter Jacobs announces his latest play in an interview with Precious Maputle and Moira de Swardt reviews the UJ Dance Production Alice Who?, directed and choreographed by Owen Lonzar.

According to National Arts Festival Director Ismail Mahomed, who is also featured in the magazine, “This is phenomenal! A publication like this is long overdue.” Not only does the magazine place a marker in the ground, it is also an indicator of the growing momentum of the arts at UJ where the Arts & Culture Department under Johaardien’s leadership will produce and present no less than 10 visual arts exhibitions, as many classical and jazz concerts, as well as more than 15 full-scale productions during the coming year – an increase of nearly 300 percent in terms of output in performing arts at UJ compared to previous years.

“I am keenly aware that we practice our craft within a very specific context and community,” says Johaardien. “For me, the magazine format presents a compelling and engaging platform for articulating our planned arts programme at UJ because it invites and allows for a range of voices in the arts to sketch the context both against which and within which we produce and present our work. I also hope that Art Much? will ultimately become a forum for the meaningful discussion of and reflection on arts and culture practise within South Africa,” he explains.​