​The Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture (FADA)

Sustainability Report

The Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture engages in sustainability and chooses to play a vital role in sustaining a future for future generations.

FADA engages and includes sustainability into its strategic plan so that it can improve its national and international footprint. Being actively involved in sustainability will also assist in making FADA a faculty of choice, both nationally and internationally, as these are all aspects that prospective staff and students are reviewing when looking to study undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

FADA sustainability initiatives:

  • All departments within the Faculty have recycling stations. This will encourage students and staff to recycle all waste when they are at the University.
  • Staff printing is monitored; HODs encourage all lecturers within the various departments to use less paper.
  • Staff and students are encouraged to save power, all lights are switched off in the evening when the students leave, and Faculty computers should are set to sleep after five minutes.
  • Paperless meetings are encouraged throughout the Faculty.
  • All student hand-outs are copied double-sided and page sizes are reduced where practical.
  • Learning material to be distributed to students in electronic formats where applicable.
  • Increase e-books within the Faculty library databases.
  • Mobile solar charger stations are installed outside the Faculty that students use to charge their phones, tablets, laptops.
  • FADA endeavours to incorporate sustainability into curricular.