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FADA Admin | Fees | Regulations - FADA Student Fees 2017- Final

  • Fees subject to change without prior notice
  • Minimum payment on date of registration for day students: R3 870.00
  • Minimum payment on date of registration for residence students: R6 470.00
  • Minimum payment on date of registration for international students:  30%of tuition fees
  • Registration fee of R610.00 and ITC (computer) levy of R430.00 added below
  • Levy for International students: R2 000 (SADC and African countries); R17 000 (other countries) - not added below
  • Late registration levy: R2 250.00 - not added below
Start up equipment required for students registering for the first time ranging from R5 000 – R8 000 depending on the programme -not added below

Year modules:

​​First payment at registration
​Second payment on 15 April (60% of fees) 
Third payment on 15 August (100% of fees)

Enquiries:  Finance offices (011 559 1490/1370/1532/1530)
E-payments:  pay tuition fees online through the website by using a valid credit/cheque card

Payments into the UJ FNB Bank account:

The new UJ FNB Tuition Fee account is available as a pre-defined beneficiary on the electronic platforms of all the major banks, including Capitec Bank.
If you search the predefined beneficiaries on your own electronic banking platform you should be able to select UJ Tuition Fee account and save that as a beneficiary and make payment, quoting your valid UJ student number as reference.

Account name:   UJ FNB Tuition Fee
Bank:   FNB Bank
Reference: Student Number

You can visit any FNB Branch and inform the cashiers that you would like to make a payment into the UJ Tuition Fee Account. They are able to select the account for payment. Please quote your valid UJ student number as reference. Please keep a copy of your deposit slip