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Diploma Fashion Production
The student obtaining this qualification will demonstrate competency in analysing and applying the principles of the fashion system from production through to consumption in order to meet market demands.

Admission Requirements
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BA Fashion Design
The purpose of the BA Fashion Design is to develop fashion designers, problem finders and problem solvers that have the competence to work independently as entrepreneurial fashion designers. The objective of this degree is to:

Apply integrated knowledge and advanced conceptual thinking skills to innovatively solve complex fashion design problems;
Use a range of design methods, processes and techniques competently to create, present and argue for professional fashion designs;
Enable students to demonstrate knowledge of design history and theory in broader context and fashion design history and theory in discipline specific context, and to conduct design criticism and research.

Admission Requirements
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BTech (Clothing Management)
Having obtained this qualification, students will be able to evaluate clothing production processes and product performance under varying operating conditions, reflect on the influences of global trends, relate these strategically to the productivity and profitability of the industry, and expand personal interests by conducting research in a specialised area within the clothing industry.

Admission Requirements
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BTech (Fashion)
Having obtained this qualification, students will make a research contribution to the application and evaluation of existing knowledge in a specialised area of fashion design or garment technology to further promote professional growth and personal development.

Admission Requirements
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 BA Honours Design (Fashion Design)

The Bachelor of Arts Honours in Design prepares students for research-based postgraduate study and entry into a design career by enabling them to produce creative solutions to complex problems within a specialist area of design, and to conduct and report research under supervision.       

Admission Requirements
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MA (Design) Department of Fashion Design
The purpose of the programme is to educate and train researchers who can contribute to the development of knowledge at an advanced level. The Master’s degree is earned by completing a single advanced research project, culminating in the production and acceptance of a dissertation.
Admission requirements
A relevant Bachelor Honours Degree a “professional” Bachelor's Degree, or relevant Postgraduate Diploma, with sufficient preparation to conduct research with a recommended minimum of 60% for all final-year modules. A relevant Baccalaureus Technologiae: Fashion degree, with an average mark of at least 65% combined with a research methodology short learning component as recommended by a Status Committee and approved by the Faculty Board.

Selection criteria
In addition to the minimum admission requirements as outlined above, prospective students may be required to present a portfolio of their own work to an interview panel. A portfolio would be requested if further evidence is required of a students’ readiness to conduct textual or artefactual research. In the case of textual research the portfolio would contain examples of written research, and in the case of artefactual research a portfolio with design artefacts would be required.

CODE MODULE: MFD9X01 Research Dissertation: Design
                             MFD9X02 Research Dissertation: Design
* Offered by the Department of Fashion

Programme structure

  • Minimum duration: One year full-time/two years part-time.
  • Maximum duration: Two years full-time/three years part-time
  • The research component comprises 100% of the programme.

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