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South African Institute on High Ability and Talent Development

Explore innovative research, perspectives, technology and best practices for teaching ADVANCED AND HIGHLY-ABLE learners.

Date:  4 - 6 October, 2018
Place: University of Johannesburg, School of Tourism and Hospitality, Bunting Road Campus, Auckland Park, South Africa
Costs: Attendance is FREE

Objectives: Nurturing creative and academic talent from all populations and socio-economic levels. An international and local team of expert specialists in the field of educational psychology, curriculum and instruction, talent development, leadership development, teaching for social justice, new technologies, research and practice will present a 2 day AHA INSTITUTE for teachers, principals and educators. This will be preceded by a symposium for local schools, and a colloquium for academics and administrators

Topics: Advancing content; Engaging high-end learners; Equity and Excellence; STEM, Underachievement; Creativity; Socio-emotional Issues.

1. ELEVATING: ADVOCACY and RESEARCH for Advanced, High-Ability and Gifted Learners in Southern Africa
2. ADVANCING CONTENT through critical thinking and problem-solving in areas of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Humanities
3. ENGAGING HIGH-END LEARNERS by supporting their SOCIO-EMOTIONAL affective needs and twice-exceptional learners
4. EQUITY AND EXCELLENCE - REACHING High Ability Second Language Learners; Marginalized; impoverished
5. CREATIVITY integrating the Arts, Media, New technologies in teaching and learning

A collaborative project between The Faculty of Education (UJ) and The University of Central Florida (UCF), Orlando, USA in partnership with The Department of Educational Psychology in the Faculty of Education (UJ), The Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Studies (JIAS) and The School of Tourism and Hospitality (STH).

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Presenters | Speakers

Dr. Gillian Eriksson (UCF) Learning Sciences and Educational Research

Dr. Carolyn Hopp (UCF) School of Teaching and Learning

Dr. Alecia Blackwood (UCF) School of Teaching and Learning

Dr. Richard Olenchak (Purdue University)

Dr. Kimberley Chandler (University of Virginia)

Dr Rachel McAnallen (University of Connecticut)

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