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Childhood Education as Flagship programme of Teacher Education, Research and Service.


Figure 1. The UJ Childhood Education Flagship: The intersect of teacher education, research, and community engagement


Childhood Education Flagship Brochure
Funda UJabule: A Primary School for Teacher Education and Research South Africa Research Chair: Integrated studies of learning language, science and mathematics in the primary school

Symposium | Reading in the Foundation Phase
On the 29th of May the SARChI Chair in Integrated Studies of Learning Language, Mathematics and Science in Primary School hosted a symposium​

South Africa Research Chair
Integrated Studies of Learning Language, Science and Mathematics in the Primary School

Definition of scientifically based research (From AERA)
The CEPR and the academic department to which it is affiliated subscribe to the definition of scientifically based research (SBR) as suggested by the American Educational Research Association.

South African Journal of Childhood Education
Priorities and Policy-making in South African Education Guest editors: Nick Taylor and Thabo Mabogoane

Teaching teachers – an innovative primary school set-up in Soweto
A crucial element in creating an inclusive education system is training its teachers – which is where the bulk of the EU’s budget support for education in South Africa goes.

CEPR-diagrame1.jpgFigure 2. The CEPR: Home of the SARChI Chair, research and development of education practice, research capacity development, and a research journal​​