Post-graduate students and Alumni


Pia Lamberti (Phd) 2013:  How third-year development studies students construct argument in essays. (Supervision: J Fincham-Clarence and E Henning)

Lara Ragpot (EdD Psych) 2012: Student learning in a course on cognitive development in childhood. (Supervision: E Henning and J Pillay)

Dikeledi Sekhukhune (EdD Psych) 2013 : An ethnographic account of teaching and learning of the first Grade R programme in a developing school in 2010 in a black urban community. (Supervision E Fritz, Research project in the CEPR)

Camantha Reddy (M Ed) 2013: The lived experiences of Hindu teachers and learners in the teaching and learning of evolution in Life Sciences in the FET Phase . (Supervision: J De Beer)

Maria van der Mark (PhD) 2013: The use of narratives and concept cartoons in the professional development of teachers to achieve higher-order thinking skills and deep learning about the evolution of life and geological time. (Supervision: J De Beer)

Xenia Kyriacou (PhD) 2013: A design based study of an evolution education short learning programme and the conceptual and pedagogical development of participants with a view to theory building. (Supervision: J De Beer)

Sonja van der Vyver (Med) 2012: An Early Childhood Development Programme in a Rural Settlement Community (Supervision: N Petersen and E Henning)

Francois Naude (MEd) 2012: Barriers in the teaching and learning of evolutionary biology amongst Christian teachers and learners. (Supervision: J De Beer)

Melida Mothwa (M Ed) 2012: Teachers’ experiences of incorporating indigenous knowledge in the life sciences classroom. (Supervision: J De Beer)

Gurtug Yalvac (M Ed) 2012: Barriers in the teaching and learning of evolutionary biology amongst Muslim teachers and learners in South African Muslim schools. (Supervision: J De Beer)

Grizelda van Wyk (M Ed) 2012: Life Sciences teachers’ PCK development within communities of practice. (Supervision: J De Beer)

Lounell White (PhD) 2012: Curriculum Support groups as ecologies of practice for teacher development. (Supervision: J De Beer)

Neal Petersen (PhD) 2012: Onderrig en leer in die Lewenswetenskappe klaskamer, en implikasies vir professionele ontwikkeling van onderwysers. (Supervision: J De Beer)

Annelize Cronje (M Ed) 2011: The professional development of Science teachers for the implementation of a new curriculum. (Supervision: J De Beer)

Katalin Morgan (Phd) 2011: Textbooks as Mediators in the Intellectual Project of History Education Published in 2013 by Optimus Verlag, Gottingen. Awarded the PhD thesis prize for research by the Centre for Textbook Research, Braunschweig, Germany. (Supervision: E Henning)

Steve Whitelaw (PhD) 2010: Novice teachers in a social context: Enculturation in a pseudo-community of practitioners. (Supervision: J De Beer)

Judy Seligman (Phd) 2009: Integrating language and subject content in higher education: A pedagogy for course design. (Supervision: E Henning and S Gravett)

Postgraduate students

Bronwyn Blake (DEd Psychology):  Assessing numeracy concept development of 6 – 8 year-old children during their participation in two adaptive, interactive computer games.

Ulana Brits (MEd Childhood Education, proposal)

Hanrie de Villiers (M Ed Childhood Education): The implementation of an Afrikaans translation of a mathematical diagnostic test for grade one learners. - Die implementering van die Afrikaanse vertaling van n wiskunde diagnostiese toets vir graad een leerders.

Daphney Mawila (DEd Psychology, proposal)

Nokwanda Mbusi (PhD): Teacher knowledge of developmental mathematical cognition of children in the foundation phase

Gadija Petker (PhD Childhood Education): Student teachers learning in a collaborative programme of a university and a teaching school

Sarita Ramsaroop (PhD Childhood Education): The potential role of Teaching Schools in South Africa to enhance initial teacher education

Ingrid Reyneke (MEd Childhood Education): Pre-schoolers’ symbolic learning of mathematics: a description fo 4-5 year-olds’ number word semantics

Lyn Teixiera (DEd Psychology): The testing of hierarchical development of mathematical cognition of 4 - 8 year-old South African children.

Adele van der Berg (Med Childhood Education): Developmental mathematical cognition in early childhood: Competence of children in Grade R