Completed research projects

2007 – 2011

National Research Foundation Research Niche Area Projects (RNA) (2007-2011)

Title: Teacher development in “Ecologies of Practice”

A developed Research Niche Area (RNA) with grants for various projects from the National Research Foundation and the UJ is current.

RNA Project 1: From ecologies of learning to ecologies of practice - The project leader for this research project is Prof Duan van der Westhuizen with Prof Alan Amory as co - leader. 

RNA Project 2: Learning to be a teacher – towards learner outcomes in schools – The project leader for this project is Prof Sarah Gravett with Prof Brigitte Smit as co -leader

RNA Project 3: The discourse and performative practice of teachers in language literacy and communication - The project Leader for this research project is Prof Elizabeth Henning.  

RNA Project 4: The keystone species in the science and mathematics classrooms of two schools - The project leader for this project is Dr Josef de Beer

RNA Project 5: Teachers building practice as community counselors – The project leader is Prof Jace Pillay with Dr Helen Dunbar-Krige as co-leader. 

RNA Project 6: Teachers and tools: crafting technology education in practice – The project leader is Prof Piet Ankiewicz. 

2006Learning and information ecologies

Funded by: The National Research Foundation (NRF)
Grant holders: E Henning and D vd Westhuizen (University of Johannesburg)

2005Learning in, from and for the field

Funded by : Community Higher Education Service Partnerships (CHESP) an initiative of JET Education Services
Grant holders: E Henning and S Gravett (University of Johannesburg)

2005Teacher Identity and the culture of schooling

Funded by: South African Netherlands Programme for Alternatives in Development (SANPAD)
Grant holders: E Henning, B Smit and B Nduna (University of Johannesburg)

UNESCO UNITWINLearning to live together and learning to be: A multi-faceted evaluation inquiry of an international values education program

Funded by: UNESCO
Grant holders: A Furco (University of Berkley, CA), 
                           E Henning and N Dasoo (University of Johannesburg)