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Established in February 2016, the Ali Mazrui Centre was formally launched in the Council Chambers/Madibeng Lounge on 3 August 2017. Present at the launch was the Chancellor of the University of Johannesburg, Professor Njabulo Ndebele, the outgoing Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ihron Rensburg and the newly appointed Vice- Chancellor Professor Tshilidzi Marwala, including the Distinguished Visiting Professor N'Dri Assie Lumumba, President of the World Council of Comparative Education Societies.
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​ Publications

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22 June 2018 - You reap what you sow - ‘Leadership Under Crisis: The Case of the University of Johannesburg’ Delivered at the Ali Mazrui Centre for Higher education 

The purpose and mission of the centre is:

  • To build institutional capacity in higher education leadership, management and governance through professional development programmes that are evidence-based and underpinned by high quality research.

  • To produce knowledge that contributes to promoting understanding of strategic issues in higher education through scholarly research that is multi-disciplinary and policy relevant.

  • To promote critical reflection on, and advocacy of, higher education issues through facilitating and providing a platform for dialogue between scholars, institutional leaders and policy-makers.

The Ali Mazrui Centre promotes publications in the following areas

  • Higher Education Book Series to provide a platform for dissemination of seminal and cutting edge research on current higher education issues.

  • Young scholar's scholarship to facilitate dissemination and publication of work by young scholars and graduates with focus on higher education in South Africa and the SADC region.

  • The Ali Mazrui Centre Newsletter, a periodical newsletter with information on its activities, plans, announcements and other relevant matters

​Please contact: Colleen Cronk Email: Tel: +27 11 559 3450


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