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Colloquium on the Geo-Politics of Knowledge on Higher Education

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SARChi Chair: Teaching and Learning, Post-School Education and Training (PSET), and the Ali Mazrui Centre for Higher Education Studies (AMC), at Faculty of Education, UJ, will be hosting a Colloquium on the Geo-Politics of Knowledge on Higher Education, from 28-29 March 2019. 

The two day colloquium will focus on the geo-politics of knowledge in higher education. It will consider relations of dominance in knowledge production and distribution; the significance of the publishing industry; appropriate and feasible research approaches for the global South; infrastructures supporting knowledge production and dissemination; and North-South relations in the knowledge domain, amongst other issues. The challenge of the 4th industrial revolution also poses critical challenges to the ways we think about research and knowledge. The challenge is whether we participate in the shaping of this revolution to our own benefits or are we just shaped by it. As we have learned from the past, the latter can have drastic consequences to our aspirations and development. The fields of knowledge to be considered include inter alia research, teaching and learning, management and policy. 

The colloquium draws on earlier work done by the Ali Mazrui Centre, most notably the two edited volumes: Knowledge and Change in African Universities (eds. Michael Cross and Amasa Ndofirepi, 2017, Brill/Sense Publishers) and by the Chair: Teaching and Learning, most notably the launch of the journal SOTL in the South and the SOTL in the South Conference held at UJ in 2017. It extends the discussions held in a previous colloquium on “Teaching a d Learning in Context” (February 2018) and the recent conference on “Transforming Ivory Towers to Ebony Towers: Lessons for South Africa’s Curriculum Transformation in the Humanities from Africa and African-American Studies” (August 2018). A common thread running through these events is our commitment to the promotion of a renewed knowledge project in the context of the South-South debates and the decolonization of the university in Africa. 

The colloquium will feature the papers of the invited speakers, each with a respondent allocated to comment on the contribution, both on its significance as well as how it could be improved or strengthened. The papers presented at the colloquium will be developed into chapters for one or two books to be published by Brill/Sense Publishers under the Series African Higher Education: Developments and Perspectives.

The Colloquium will be proudly hosted at the University of Johannesburg. 

RSVP and other details will be released closer to the event date. 

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