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Message from the Executive Dean


Prof Sarah Gravett


Welcome to the UJ Faculty of Education!

Education as a field of study at UJ has been ranked in the QS World University rankings as one of the top 200 education programmes in the world and one of the top five nationally. The rankings take account of global academic reputation, reputation amongst employers, and research output. This achievement shows that employers of our teacher graduates rate the quality of teachers that come out of the UJ stable highly. The ranking also shows a good balance between the Faculty’s reputation in the academic community and high quality research output.

Faculty programmes are offered on two campuses - the Auckland Park Kingsway Campus and the Soweto campus. The focus of the programmes at the Auckland Park Kingsway campus is mainly secondary school education, with post-graduate programmes straddling many areas of learning and research. Science education is one of the strongest programmes at this site.

The Soweto campus is home to three programme areas, namely childhood education, educational psychology and education leadership. It includes the Education Leadership Institute, which was established in collaboration with the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

In addition, we offer a foundation phase teacher education programme in Siyabuswa, a rural area of Mpumalanga in collaboration with the University of Mpumalanga.

The Faculty’s research, conducted in the Centre for Education Practice Research, the Centre for Education Rights and Transformation and in academic departments are aimed, ultimately, to enrich and to transform the practice of education.

The Faculty is a leader in the country in primary school teacher education programmes with the “teaching school” initiative at the Soweto campus a unique example of practice-based teacher education, performing the same sort of function as a university teaching hospital in the education of medical practitioners. The teacher education programme for the foundation phase is also one of the flagship programmes at UJ.

Our research footprint has increased rapidly during the past few years, with cutting-edge research on mathematical cognition in childhood, research in pre-service teacher education and research in educational support for learners who struggle as particular strengths. The SA Research Chair (National Research Foundation) in Education and Care, awarded to the Faculty in 2013, testifies to the status of research on vulnerable children in the school sector.

Recent ventures are research in science concept development in childhood, early childhood development of mathematics and science and a cognition lab on the Soweto campus.

As you browse our site, you will find rich evidence that the Faculty is contributing significantly to dynamically shaping the future of education. 

We hope you enjoy our site, and we welcome your feedback.