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Faculty Leadership

Prof Sarah Gravett: Dean of the Faculty of Education

Prof Sarah Gravett was appointed as the Dean of the Faculty of Education at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) at the beginning of 2007. Her postdoctoral research focused initially mainly on transformative learning in higher education, dialogic teaching and the design of learning environments. In recent years her research focus has shifted to teacher education. She has led several research projects in this area, including a project on the preparedness of novice teachers for the teaching profession, the establishment of teaching schools in South Africa. Currently, she is leading a project on the development of mentor teachers. She views her involvement in establishing a school at UJ’s Soweto campus as the most meaningful achievement of her academic career. Some of her awards include The South African Association for Research and Development in Higher Education Teaching Fellowship and the medal of honour from the Education Association of South Africa honouring her for outstanding service to Education in South Africa.


Prof Juliet Perumal: Vice Dean: Research and Internationalization

Prof Juliet Perumal is Professor in the Department of Education Leadership and Management at the University of Johannesburg. She leads the following research projects: Women leading in disadvantaged education communities, and Critical leaderful practices. She has published in the fields of language and gender, critical and feminist pedagogies, transformative curriculum, democracy, educational leadership and qualitative research methodologies.


Heads of Departments

Prof Joseph Jinja Divala: Department of Education and Curriculum Studies

Prof Divala is a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy of Education and Head of Department of Education and Curriculum Studies. He obtained his qualifications from Stellenbosch University, University of the Witwatersrand as well as University of Malawi.

Prof Divala is active in Initial Teacher Education for SEN/FET Phase in Philosophy of Education and Postgraduate Education and Research (MEd and PhD) in Curriculum and Transformation and Philosophy of Education. He is a member of a number of both national and international journal review boards, such as the South African Journal of Higher Education and Educational Theory and Philosophy Journal.


Boitumelo Molebogeng 'Tumi' Diale.jpg
Dr Boitumelo Molebogeng 'Tumi' Diale: Department of Educational Psychology

Dr Boitumelo Molebogeng 'Tumi' Diale is a Senior Lecturer in Careers Development and Life Orientation in the Department of Educational Psychology, Faculty of Education at the University of Johannesburg (UJ). She is also the Programme coordinator for the Masters Programme in Educational Psychology (MEd Psych). Dr Diale is involved in the training of Honours (registered counsellors) and Masters Educational Psychology students (educational psychologists) and BEd Senior Phase and FET undergraduate students. Her niche area of research in the field of career development across the life span and is currently focusing on the implementation of technical vocational education in senior phase of the education system.


Prof Piet Ankiewicz: Department of Science and Technology Education

Prof Piet Ankiewicz is the Head of both the Department of Science and Technology Education (SciTechEd) and the Department of Technology Education (TechnEd).  He has a keen research interest in the implications of the philosophy of technology for classroom pedagogy, teachers' pedagogical content knowledge (PCK), initial teacher education, curriculum development and evaluation, and continuing professional development.

Dr Clive Smith: Department of Education Leadership and Management

A former high school principal, he obtained his Master's and PhD in Organisation Change and Leadership at the University of Oregon in the USA on a Fulbright scholarship. After 16 years, Dr Clive joined the University of Johannesburg Department of Education Leadership and Management in 2010. His research methodological interests are in participatory action research, case study and interpretive, especially ethnographic and phenomenological, research. His leadership and management philosophy is summed up in, "Find good people and then stay out of their way".


Prof Nadine Petersen: Department of Childhood Education

Prof Nadine Petersen is the Head of Department for Childhood Education on the Soweto Campus. She oversees the curriculum integration of childhood teacher education with teaching practice in the university teaching (laboratory) school. The main foci of her teaching and research are on service learning (SL) in teacher education and on beginning student-teachers' learning.


Directors of Centres 

Prof Elizabeth Henning: Centre for Education Practice Research and SA Research Chair

Prof Elizabeth Henning holds a South African Research Chair in Integrated Studies of Learning Language, Science and Mathematics in the primary school.  She is the current Director of the Centre for Education Practice Research. She leads research in mathematical cognition and language in the early years of school as well as primary school children's learning of science concepts and reading of science texts. She is founding editor of two educational research journals in the Faculty, while currently editing the South African Journal of Childhood Education.


Prof Salim Vally: Centre for Education Rights and Transformation

Prof Salim Vally, the Director of the Centre for Education Rights and Transformation, worked formerly as a teacher, trade unionist and until recently, a senior researcher at the Wits Education Policy Unit (EPU) where his work spanned over a 15-year period. He was a visiting fellow at Columbia and York Universities. He works closely with community organisations, social movements and trade unions.


Prof Michael Cross: Ali Mazrui Centre for Higher Education

Professor Michael Cross began his career as lecturer at the Faculty of Education, University of the Witwatersrand in 1986. He has been awarded teaching and research fellowships in several institutions including the Johns Hopkins University and Northwestern University. He was a visiting scholar at Stanford University, Stockholm University and Jules-Vernes University in Amiens.