​Perspectives on Education on Africa

Contracts issued

1. Sylvestre Nzahabwanayo: Citizenship and Values Education in Post-Genocide Rwanda: The Need for a Critical, Democratic and Cosmopolitan Citizen Due: October 2018
2. Coert Loock and Vanessa Scherman (Eds.): Educational Assessment in a Time of Reform (Due January 2019)

Contracts waiting

3. Linda Gardelle & Nadia Grine: School and National Identities in Northern Africa: Political Choices, Means f Transmission and Appropriation
4. Umesh Ramnarain: School Science Practical Work in Africa
Under review
5. Felix Omal: Promoting Effective Governance in Higher Education
6. Margaret Perrow: Learning in Transition - A Hidden History of Youth Development in South Africa

In preparation

7. Professor Sarah Gravett and Professor Elizabeth Henning: Teacher Education for the Primary School in Southern Africa
8. Professor Carmel McNaught & Professor Sarah Gravett: Embedding Social Justice in Teacher Education and Development in Africa