Funda UJabule School


​​Funda UJabule School


In 2010 the University of Johannesburg founded the a public school in Soweto, in partnership with the Gauteng Department of Education. The objectives of establishing this school, the Funda UJabule School, were multiple: providing excellent primary school education to children close to the UJ Soweto campus; developing a practice learning site for the education of teachers of young children; enabling longitudinal child development studies and research on children’s performance in the school curriculum; and serving as a resource centre/development hub for schools close to the Soweto campus.

The name of the school: Funda UJabule captures the spirit of education at the school: learn and be joyful. But it also encapsulates the UJ association in the name. The School opened its doors in January 2010 with two Grade R-classes, two foundation phase, teachers and an acting school principal. It is now a full-fledged primary school.

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