Construction Management and Quantity Surveying professionals possess a sound knowledge of construction, economics, business law and software and have a good communication and literary skills. They have a thorough technical understanding of design forms and construction processes, including procurement and management skills

Employment opportunities that exist within the field of Construction Management and Quantity Surveying:

• Construction Manager
• Construction Project Manager
• Contracts Manager
• Quantity Surveyor
• Researcher
• Property Valuer
• Health and Safety Officer
• Building Inspector
• Estimator
• Site Engineer
• Building Surveyor
• Facilities manager

Potential Employers:
• Mining Companies
• Commercial Banks
• Property Developers
• Construction Contractors
• Research Institutions
• Universities
• Consultancy firms
• Regulatory bodies
• Local authorities – Municipalities
• Governmental branches – Department of Public Works, Department of Human Settlement etc

Construction Management and Quantity Surveying is considered a critical skill. Thus, it has potential sponsors who can help fund your studies.

Note: the department does not source funding for students, this list, although not exhaustive provides guidelines on potential sponsors to approach on their respective platform