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​CERT is accountable to the Senate of the University of Johannesburg through the Board of the Faculty of Education. The governance of CERT is administered according to university directives. The CERT Advisory Board oversees all activities under the management of the Director.

The CERT Board consists of:

  • The Director of CERT
  • The Dean of the Faculty of Education or his/her nominee (ex officio)
  • Two academic staff members of the Faculty of Education
  • Two Senior Researchers of the CERT
  • Two to four representatives from the education community, outside the university
  • The Chair of the Faculty Research Committee.

The Board members are:

  • Prof Andre Keet (Chairperson)
  • Prof Sarah Gravett (Faculty member)
  • Prof Juliet Perumal (Education community)
  • Prof Maropeng Modiba (Faculty member)
  • Mr John Samuel (Education community)
  • Adv. Yasmin Sooka (Education community)
  • Ms Crystal Dicks (Education community)
  • Prof Linda Chisholm (CERT)
  • Dr Mondli Hlatshwayo (CERT)
  • Prof Salim Vally (Director, CERT)

The role of the Advisory Board is to:

  • Advise the Director and the Senior Management Team (SMT) in executing their duties
  • Review activities of CERT
  • Discuss the annual budget

Members appointed in accordance with their portfolio serve on the CERT board by virtue of their office; other members serve for an initial period of three years; thereafter their membership may be extended.