Do you want to be a professional public manager?
Do you want to improve public governance in South Africa?

Get a qualification in Public Management and Governance in the School of Public Management, Governance and Public Policy at UJ and pursue a career as a skilled professional public manager in a state department, provincial government, municipality or community organisation.
The SPMGP offers different programmes for younger students interested in a career in the public sector to improve the lives of people through better services and facilities. It also targets serving public officials as well as elected political leaders involved with public services delivery at all levels of government.


Public organisations, like private sector businesses, need management to move from idea to implementation. The influence of private sector management practice and technique in the public arena in recent years is indisputable. The question is, however, whether or not the transfer of private sector approach into the more complex governance context, which upholds a distinct values framework, is appropriate in all circumstances. Globalisation also has the effect that national boundaries in relation to governance has become extremely porous and increasingly a demand is being made on those employed in the public domain to be able to understand and operate in a regional and international context.

These qualifications will allow students to acquire the necessary subject knowledge, normative basis and language ability to do just that. The primary purpose of those qualifications are to provide qualifying learners with: substantive, theoretical and intellectual knowledge, cognitive and research skills such as critical reasoning, data mining and processing, problem solving, interpretation, analytical and evaluative skills; communication skills and a normative basis in line with internationally accepted dimensions of “good governance.”

It is also a purpose of these to equip learners to operate in an environment where the traditional boundaries between the public sector and the community or third sector are rapidly disappearing. These bodies of knowledge and skills bases are aimed at equipping learners to operate close to decision-makers and support them by making available and processing information to enable them to function in the highly complex and dynamic public arena where state, market and society interact in the shaping of society.

Who are the target audiences for these modules?

  • Potential and current senior, middle, and junior line managers in public service departments both nationally, provincially and at municipal levels.
  • The public sector in general.

The primary purpose of teaching this subject is to:

  • Strengthen intellectual knowledge,
  • Develop research skills in the subject area;​
  • Develop workplace relevant skills; and
  • Provide for a normative basis in line with internationally accepted dimensions of “good governance”.

This knowledge and skills base will equip learners to function in the highly complex and dynamic public arena where state, market and civilians interact in the shaping of society.

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