​What we do

What makes us different?

UJCfE offers a unique business proposition through its Integrated Business Development Model (IBDM). This business model is built on 11 key strategic elements: a strong business administration; innovative and experiential programmes; entrepreneurship training; development of technical skills; expertise in township economy development; excellence in entrepreneurship events; access to opportunities and funding; mentorship; IP commercialisation; and innovative thought leadership.


For our entrepreneurs and students

We offer the following:

  • Insights into the latest trends in entrepreneurship. UJCfE has actively developed an extensive database on what is happening in the entrepreneurship space.
  • Entrepreneurship information is key to any entrepreneur's success. We leverage our database to provide our entrepreneurs with the best entrepreneurship information available.
  • Opportunities are also critical – we aspire to ensure our entrepreneurs have access to the best opportunities in new businesses, trends, funding, mentorship, events and more.
  • Business tools, technical support and access to UJ IP are an important part of UJCfE's offerings. UJ has incredible IP that can be leveraged for new businesses, and access to top-notch business tools and technical support form part of how UJCfE assists entrepreneurs.
  • Mentorship, motivation and inspiration are are important in factors in the growth of entrepreneurs. UJCfE maintains an ongoing list of mentors and knows that motivation and inspiration during tough times are what helps entrepreneurs to survive and succeed.

For our partners, investors, private sector and other institutions

We offer the following:

  • High-level, impactful programmes and academic offerings are at the core of UJCfE's curriculum. We leverage the innovative programmes at UJ into our offerings and entrepreneurs receive the best access to the institution.
  • Value & impact in the entrepreneurship space are at the heart of our values and programmes.
  • Entrepreneurship ecosystem thought leadership is how we integrate opportunities for our entrepreneurs, by developing systems and partnerships that grow entrepreneurship.
  • Data for decision-making about entrepreneurship programmes remains a challenge for all entrepreneurship practitioners. As an academic institution, UJCfE offers tested methodologies for ensuring appropriate data and analysis.
  • Insights, trends and information on what is happening in entrepreneurship are important for all in the entrepreneurship ecosystem space, and we seek to capture this.

For more information about our offerings, or to learn more about our programmes, please contact us.