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Here are the latest episodes of our podcasts where we have conversations with wholesalers, retailers, as well as local and international industry experts to promote excellence in the retail industry.


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Dr Ewoudt CloeteSenior Manager Digital Operations - GAME
In conversation on how Digital Marketing has transformed the Retail Marketing space! Discussing the customer journey and how one should go about identifying and mapping the correct Digital channels to secure Digital Marketing success in Retail.
Listen to the Conversation on Digital Retail Marketing HERE

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Mr Manfree Maake
- Managing Director M & M guesthouse. 
Manfree shares his inspiring story of how he started as a till packer and worked his way up to becoming a Regional Manager of a large FMCG, an MBA graduate, and, today - a business owner. Not many people understand the career and growth opportunities in the Retail sector. 
Be inspired by the possibilities in a career in retail HERE
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In coversation with
Mr Grant Jooste and Mr Shawn Visser of the Batho Pele Group. Tackling the Youth Unemployment challenge and what we can do to make a difference in their lives. We discuss how a career in Retail can be rewarding and the importance of changing the perceptions about “working in Retail” amongst the youth, and the need to create better awareness about what the Retail sector has to offer.
Be inspired by the possibilities in a career in retail HERE
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Welcome to the Gauteng Wholesale and Retail Seta Leadership Chair’s podcast. Hosted at the University of Johannesburg's Department of Marketing Management, we have conversations with wholesalers, retailers, and industry experts from South Africa and around the world. We also speak with renowned researchers so that we can provide you with information that promotes excellence and advances the retail industry.
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