​​​​​Short Courses in Marketing and Retail Management

Continuing Education (CEPs) and Short courses in Marketing and Retail Management


**** NEW COURSES **** Enrolments open for intake:

  Short course: Marketing 101*

  Short course: Digital Marketing in Practice** 

*Ideal for non-marketers, entrepreneurs, business owners               

**Ideal for non-marketers, entrepreneurs, business owners 
or marketers wishing to improve their digital knowledge and skills

***Ideal for individuals working in the retail sector or retail supply- side or
individuals wishing to learn more about the retail industry  


**** UPCOMING COURSES - keep an eye on our website**** 

    Certificates in: Customer Centricity, Brand Management, Customer Experience Management, Foresight for marketers, Data Analytics for marketers. 


Click and download a summary of our Retail short courses and certificate programmes currently offered below:

Higher Certificate in Marketing and Sales UJ (full time and credit bearing toward Diploma Marketing)
Strategic Retailing UJ (ideal for middle – upper management working in Retail)

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Please contact the Department directly to get detailed information on each of these courses.
Ms. Alice Avenant aavenant@uj.ac.za / 011 559 1424​
Mrs. Mariette Frazer mfrazer@uj.ac.za / 011 559 1423

Who should typically enroll for these short courses in Marketing and Retail?
· People working in Marketing, Retail, Sales or PR positions who do not have any formal marketing or retail training
· People from business units who increasingly need to market their business unit or products and services offered
· People wanting to supplement their technical skills base with marketing or retail expertise

· Entrepreneurs and business owners 

All programmes offered can also be created as an in-house option for an organisation. Please contact the Department of Marketing Management to discuss how a programme can be customised to meet your organisation’s needs.

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