To apply download and complete the two forms below AND include certified copies of your ID and matric certificate AND highest qualification. 

UJ Application form 2021 

UJ Student Agreement form 2021

Once completed please email all documents to customerx@uj.ac.za   


The purpose of this SLP is to introduce the student to the basic principles of customer experience management, mainly in a consumer product and service context. This programme intends to provide a framework for individuals aspiring to become knowledgeable on the topic of customer experience. Through an enhanced understanding of the management of customer experience, the programme enables a student to influence their organisation's customer retention, growth, loyalty and profitability positively in the long-term.

A broad discussion will be provided on different themes to orientate the reader towards the concept of customer experience management, namely an understanding of the concept of customer experience management, a perspective on customer experience management as part of service design, and the development of a customer experience strategy.


Application closing date Open from 1 June 2021 for September offering & Application closing dates as per website   
Duration of studyTwo-hour online workshops covered over five weeks with online content.
Contact details

Ms. M Frazer

011 559 1423


What are the costs for the Customer Experience Management SLP?

R7500.00 per individual. Contact us for a custom quote on groups to take advantage of our corporate rates.

What do the costs include?

  • Registration fee
  • Access to the course content online
  • Online lecture slides and classesCustomer Experience_UJ Marketing.jpg
  • Online practical contact session with your assigned lecturer via Blackboard
    (Blackboard is the University of Johannesburg's online learning management
  • Latest up to date customer experience management content developed by
    industry leaders and specialist academics in
    the field of Customer Experience management  
  • Convenient classes offered after-hours online
    (no need to put in leave) 

Programme content

The programme is offered over five weeks. Students are expected to complete the online material for each week and to attend weekly practical sessions (online) where the content learned will be practiced under the guidance of a lecturer. The course content is therefore covered over five weeks. At the end of the third week, students will write 50 marks assessment. By the end of the 5th week, students will be expected to hand in a practical assignment (50 marks). Students' final mark for the programme is calculated as: (ONLINE TEST % + PRACTICAL ASSIGNMENT %) / 2 X 100 to obtain the final mark for the certificate.



Introduction to the nature and importance of customer experience management (CEM)

Learn more about the role of customer experience management in the service design process 


Learn more about the role of customer experience management in the service design process

Learn more about customer experience strategising, journey mapping, and service blueprint design  (PART 1)    


Learn more about customer experience strategising, journey mapping and service blueprint design (PART 2)       


Write your 50 marks assessment and study your prescribed material and slides really well!

Hand in your practical assignment for marking – submit through an online submission.

*Note that the weekly content layout can be reshuffled as per lecturer guidance. 


Applicants will only be considered if they meet the below entrance requirements:

A valid matric certificate or equivalent   


Applications are open three times a year. Please visit the website to view the latest closing dates for applications. Please keep an eye out on the website – the courses will only be run when a minimum number of candidates have been enrolled. If the minimum was not reached, you will be informed and the course offering will move over to the next proposed dates.

Kindly download the application forms above, complete these and then include certified copies of your ID, matric certificate, and highest qualification and email these to customerx@uj.ac.za


All  online workshops will take place from 17:30 – 19:30 on the specified Wednesdays below:

 September course offering
8 August 2021 – applications close Weekly workshops 1,8,15, 22 and 29 September 2021

Test: Saturday 18 September 2021 (90 minutes) 

Assignment: 2 October 2021 09:00 (online submission)

Final marks released: 30 October 2021

Ready to apply?

Simply follow the steps under "application process" above and contact Ms Mariette Frazer at mfrazer@uj.ac.za if you have any questions.  



Please contact the Customer Experience Management Co-ordinator:

Ms Mariëtte Frazer

Deputy Head: Continuing Education Programmes

Email address: mfrazer@uj.ac.za or customerx@uj.ac.za

Office: 011 559 4054 or Assistant Wangari Mwaniki: 011 559 3200 / wmwaniki@uj.ac.za

Download the UJ Customer experience brochure here