Earn Your Marketing Degree at the best Place to Study Marketing

The Best Place to Study Marketing

The Best Place to Study Marketing 

Gain the hands-on skills and knowledge to become a professional in the field of Marketing with a qualification from UJ - the best place to study Marketing.

Do you have the vision of becoming a Marketing master and making a huge impact for brands worldwide? Then you need to become well versed and competent in the exciting field of Marketing Management. How? By acquiring the skills necessary to analyse, interpret, research, identify and satisfy consumer demands.

Where better to gain these vital skills than the University that is home to the most impactful researchers in Africa? Learn from the experts and start earning your qualification today.

UJ Marketing – A leading Department 

That's correct – UJ leads the continent in the Marketing field. Over a 5-year period, the UJ Marketing department accumulated the greatest number of overall publications and citations of any African and South African university.

With a number of international visiting professors and a variety of staff specialisation areas, you can be assured that the degree you hold will be one from the leading Department in Marketing and Retail in Africa.


UJ's department of Marketing offers an array of Marketing and Retailing qualifications that boast an excellent student learning experience with a significant number of staff members involved in the industry to offer students applicable and expert knowledge that applies directly to the industry.

With capacity to supervise PhD and Masters students who wish to specialise in an a range of different topics, the Department and it's specialised staff helps students prepare to fit seamlessly into the working world.

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Marketing Degrees & Courses offered by UJ's Marketing Department

What are you waiting for? Browse our degrees and apply now to start paving your way to becoming a successful thought leader in the world of Marketing with a qualification from the best place to study Marketing

Our Marketing and Retail students learn from a variety of leading specialists, ensuring that they gain the skills they need to pursue their dream career.

Whether you're a matriculant, business owner, entrepreneur, introvert or extrovert, undergraduate student or post graduate student, we have a qualification for you.


Undergraduate degrees:

Postgraduate degrees:

Marketing is a field that is constantly morphing and evolving due to technological advancements. It's because of this that the field is growing exponentially and isn't going anywhere anytime soon. It is an important function of every and any business; without marketing, no one will know about the products and services of a business.


You don't need a degree to see why you should study marketing but having one from the University that's been classed the most impactful researchers in Africa, makes a true difference for your future career.

At UJ we understand that marketing is the heart of any business. Our qualifications are geared towards making sure that our students succeed and have a positive impact on any marketing department. 

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