Innovation Series

Innovation - Disruptive Advantage_Web banner_v04_low res.jpgYour disruptive advantage in the digital economy

Our competitors are no longer the traditional large local or multinational corporates.  They are agile organisations and entrepreneurs embracing new and exponentially technologies to compete and disrupt effectively.  The question we have to ask, is how to do we, as large, already successful organisations construct a business environment and culture that is quick to recognise these challenges, adapt, innovate effectively and compete successfully an ever accelerating business environment? Despite these new challenges, with an understanding of the principles and philosophies behind these disruptive forces we have the opportunity to prepare our business to, not only remain relevant but to thrive in these tumultuous times.

The digital economy is here and the digital technology that advances it only going to get better and more pervasive.  Resisting it is futile.  The future is not determined nor will it be easy, but with the right leaders, leaders who are going to get started, get curious, are prepared to challenge their paradigms, to unlearn in order to relearn, we have a good chance of achieving an abundant future.  We also need leaders that see opportunities in this new era.  The opportunity of doing things that have never done before in ways not considered leveraging technology never before available.

Course Details:

Date: 24 April 2019 from 09:00 – 12:00 

Training venue: Johannesburg Business School Towers (Milpark, Cnr Berry Hertzog and Empire Road)

Facilitator: Valter Adão

Fees: R750

Valter Adão is recognised as an expert in the fields of disruptive innovation, business re-imagination and emerging technologies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, where he does most of his work. He is deeply passionate about the use of emerging technologies at scale, to “do-good” in society by creating sustainable economic opportunity, prosperity, and dignity for all; especially the poor populations of emerging markets and specifically those of his home continent, Africa. Valter is Deloitte Africa’s Chief Digital and Innovation Officer and a member of the firm’s Global Innovation Executive. As the former founder of Monitor Deloitte and leader of Deloitte Digital in the region, Valter is at intersect strategic and innovation thinking with emerging technologies and design. Through this, he guides organisations beyond potential disruption, towards creating new opportunities for relevance, growth and expansion by contextualising and leveraging emerging technologies and disruptive trends. He is a corporate entrepreneur with extensive experience in venturing and commercialising businesses’ across a number of industries. He works with the CEOs of leading organisations to scale innovative and impactful technology and concepts into high growth, sustainable entities.