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The aim in this masterclass is to provide individuals with better tools towards managing oneself through a change initiative and to continue to contribute, explore and progress continually once a change initiative has been implemented. Change initiatives occur due to a point of constriction within an organisation’s ability to progress, to maintain or gain market share and remain relevant within a particular sector of the economy.

Change is disruptive by nature and necessary. To deny, ignore or refuse to partake and contribute results in unhealthy behaviours neither conducive to the individual or the organisation. Through understanding patterns of behaviour that manifest within a change initiative, the individual is better able to manage themselves through such situations. The aim is to create an understanding of the patterns and processes that occur and how in being aware of one’s own behaviour and the effects of such behaviour,  one is better able to manage, contribute, engage and collaborate in the process of change.  In the Global economy of the fourth industrial revolution, change is realistically the only constant. Overwhelming in its full context, how does one manage and develop in this biochemical, technological environment? How effective are old behaviours and what behaviours should one adopt to develop the skills required to contribute towards sustainable transformation?  What are the skills required to flourish in this era? 

How and where would one begin? How aware are individuals of their own behaviour and the impact they may be having on others and within the organisation they work for? Why is it necessary to be aware of one’s own behaviour? What purpose does being aware of one’s own behaviour fulfil?


Having seventeen years of work experience and exposure to different markets, Sonia’s areas of expertise include organisational development and coaching within organisations to facilitate effective managed change. Consistent with current global economical environments, organisations are required to perform rapidly in response to external changes. How organisations respond to such demands is reliant on the health and effectiveness of their’ internal environment.

As an Organisational Development Practitioner, Sonia’s key focus is to facilitate an intervention process associated with the development requirements of an organisation. Differing from other consulting professionals, Sonia’s role is focused on the centrality of relationship building, development of strategy, providing measurable assessments, coaching, training and facilitating development towards sustainable, effective and healthy working environments. Sonia’s services include change management facilitation, organisational health and development, executive and team coaching, facilitating business strategy development, climate and culture assessments and supplying customised interventions.

  • +27 11 559 1783

  • Date: 13 August 2019
  • Time: 09:00 – 12:00
  • Venue: Johannesburg Business School (Cnr Barry Hertzog and Empire Road, Milpark)
  • Facilitator:  Sonia R. Cochrane
  • Fee: R750

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