The World of Music and the stories it tells​

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Sean Brokensha, The Music Guru, is one of South Africa’s foremost music experts and radio personalities, who combines music
and stories as key ingredients that traverse cultural and geographical lines. His uniquely entertaining narrative of our lives and the world we live in was accompanied by a cocktail dinner and drinks at Emoyeni in November 2018.

Sean has become known for presenting music features that tell `the story and meaning behind the music, hence the nickname. Leading from his exposure on radio, and drawing on his own national service and political experiences in pre- and post- 1994 South Africa, Sean developed his reputation and experience as a professional speaker on topics related to music, history, media and culture. Sean has developed a format whereby he can translate the content of his talks into entertainment by combining diverse elements of music, video, pictures and live performance of what he do on radio, to create classic storytelling in a packaged show. As long as the c is involved, he is confident that he can fashion an entertaining tale around most topics. 


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