​The Future Series

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About the series:

The JBS Future Of: is a series of lively and engaging masterclasses that will be hosted each Friday throughout the month of May. 

The series explores the many ways in which certain sectors will be transformed through the passage of time.  Each week will focus on one out of the four industries which were chosen for their commercial importance and for the critical role that each plays in supporting the economic inclusion and well-being of people across the world. 

To first season of this series of masterclasses will explore:

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The COVID-19 crisis has severely impacted banks across all revenue streams.  This, combined with the call for social distancing and working from home, has accelerated the move by banks to digital while also keeping track of continuous challenges introduced by non-traditional players that continue to enter the market.  It is obvious that we need to move bravely beyond banking in order to thrive.  Join us for an invigorating discussion about the look and feel of banking in the future.

The collapse of the oil price amid the current pandemic is just one manifestation of the transformation of the energy economy.  The reduction in global emissions as a result of cross-country lockdowns has strengthened the pre-COVID-19 call to reduce energy inputs in world economies.  How will energy-intensive portfolios like the transportation economy and the reversal of some globalisation trends change the future of energy?  Join us as we discuss the shape of this future and tangible strategies for navigating it.​

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​The corona virus crisis has fundamentally transformed the classroom as well as the process of education.  It has presented both technological and sociological changes of never-seen-before proportions.  Many sectors will probably never go back to “normal” and indeed the basis for knowledge transfer itself will need to adapt to whatever the new “normal” will be.  Join us as we discuss the future form of the education economy and the key lessons to adapt and thrive amid this wave of change.
​While seemingly remaining one of a few industries benefitting from the lockdowns, the telecommunications sector will not be spared from the burden of the current crisis.  The TELCO industry had been experiencing a multi-decade decline long before COVID-19.  The increase in traffic combined with declining unit costs and restricted spectrum continue to create a challenge for generating attractive returns in the industry.  This masterclass will explore case studies and global trends to outline the optimal course to the future and key imperatives.

Herman Singh.jpgFaculty: Herman Singh

Herman is the CEO of Future Advisory, a digital transformation and start-up acceleration firm with a global presence.  He was previously the Chief Digital Officer of the MTN Group.  He was also the Deputy Chairman of Jumia, Africa's first unicorn as well as Chairman of its joint-venue insurance business.  Herman also served on the board of the MTN Ivory Coast and Cameroon operations.  He has held executive positions at Vodacom, Siemens and Reunert.

Herman is a qualified engineer and an Associate Professor at the University of Cape Town's Graduate School of Business.  He is adjunct faculty at Duke Business School in North Carolina.

Masterclass Details:

  • The Future of Banking: 8 May 2020 at 14:00 - 15:30 SAST

  • The Future of Energy: 15 May 2020 at 11:00 - 12:30 SAST

  • The Future of Education: 22 May 2020 at 11:00 - 12:3SAST

  • The Future of Telecommunications: 29 May 2020 at 11:00 - 12:3SAST

  • Venue:       Online conferencing.  The conference link will be sent upon registration.

  • Fee:           R350.00 per Masterclass
                      R1,100 for all four Masterclasses


  • execed@jbs.ac.za

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