Risk Management for SME's​

JBS_EE Risk Management.jpgThis short course is designed to provide managers (or aspiring managers) with the knowledge, insight and skills required to understand the introductory aspects relating to Risk and Risk management. This programme identifies and explains the need for Risk Management – and introduces the ISO 31000 Risk Management Framework to assist delegates in managing risk in an organisation. The programme also develops Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) practitioners by building their skills and knowledge of the methods, standards and techniques of Risk Identification and Evaluation in the field of ERM.


  •  Basic functions of organisations
  •  An introduction in managing risks 
  •  Risk definition and concepts
  •  Factors influencing operational, financial and risk management
  •  Corporate governance 



  • Matric plus three years of work experience 


Andrew Pampallis’ passion and expertise are in Banking, Finance, Risk Management, and Quantitative Techniques (statistics), specifically in the areas of Marketing, customer service and sales, and Business Management. He has a long-standing and proven track record in helping others learn, grow and perform to their maximum potential in the workplace. Andrew has 22 years of business experience, as well as 15 years as a senior lecturer. 

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