​JBS Building heritage

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The JBS Towers are strikingly elegant, conveniently situated on the corner of Barry Hertzog & Empire roads in Milpark, Johannesburg. The Towers were designed in 1991 by the architects Selsick Kinnear and Mitchell from SKM Architects. The building was originally used as the Head Office for Auto and General Insurance. It then became a hub for innovation and creativity when the University of Johannesburg acquired the building and called it Resolution Circle.

The Towers are now the epicentre of the Johannesburg Business School, established in 2017.

The JBS Towers are uniquely built with a strong presence of glass. The use of a single material contrasts with the different planes created by the stacking effect of the distinctive design of the building. The Towers are continually reflecting their surroundings, placing them at the centre of change and development in the city.

The polished glass exterior is reminiscent of a skyscraper in any major global business hub which gives it a cosmopolitan feel in an South African setting.  The building's commanding placement on the corner of two of Johannesburg's major roads mirrors not only the dynamic energy of the city surrounds, but also the natural surrounding landscape which perfectly asserts Johannesburg's identity as the world's largest urban forest. The Johannesburg Business School is proudly homed in this modern and elegant building.


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