Markets, Economics and More: Insights into the post COVID-19 world​

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About the masterclass:

The jury on how markets and economies will look post the COVID-19 pandemic, is still very much out. Significant differences in views abound. Whilst the International Monetary Fund recently estimated that the "Great Reset" may shrink global GDP by as much as 15%, the World Bank insists that governments have the tools to offset the pain. The debate rages on and many key questions remain unanswered, including: 'How will the pandemic impact on markets and economies and then society at large?'; 'How did the world get to this point and how best to position yourself for the new (not) normal?'

The JBS presents a bespoke, once-off Masterclass with well-known investment expert Glenn Silverman. Join us as he delivers a backdrop to the COVID-19 crisis, before delving into an analysis of the likely market and economic outcomes shaped primarily around five global Megatrends:

  1. Finite Earth
  2. Society
  3. Shifts of power
  4. Technology
  5. Financial repression

This Masterclass will appeal as much to the lay audience as it will to the investment professional.  At the end of the Masterclass, you will have a sensible and practical framework which can be used to assess and debate the likely impact of the pandemic on the world.

Glenn Silverman_2.jpgFaculty:

Glenn Silverman is an expert in asset management, investments, and the BRICS, with over 25 years of on-the-job experience. He was CIO of SA’s largest multi manager, Investment Solutions (now Alexander Forbes Investments) for 17 years until the end of 2015. He co-authored a book on the BRICS, entitled HalfWay There, published in 2014, to some acclaim. On leaving IS, he established his own Consulting business, and has consulted to various financial services clients in both SA & Africa. 

 He currently consults to RisCura, and is also an independent, non-executive on the RisCura Global Investment Committee (GIC) and its various sub-committees, as of early 2020. 

 His other professional roles include being a trustee (JHGC) and a Professor of Practice at the JBS. He is also widely quoted in the press.

Webinar details:

  • Date:         5 June 2020

  • Time:         13:00 – 14:30am SAST
  • Venue:       Online conferencing.  The conference link will be sent upon registration.
  • Fee:           R350.00 per Masterclass



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