Executive Development Programmes

JBS Web Banner _ Exec Ed _ 1100x400 Feb 2019 _ Alt.jpgTechnological change and the Fourth Industrial Revolution are transforming the global business landscape like never before. Increasing competition, shifting customer tastes and requirements, the globalisation of markets and changing demographic trends, are drastically altering how companies operate in almost every region and industry in the world.

In this new era of complexity and uncertainty, bold, innovative and visionary leadership is required from both business and government alike.  The business environment in Africa in particular, requires a fresh and innovative approach, one that is contextually relevant and mindful of socio-economic dynamics and culture beyond conventional business acumen. Executive Education at the JBS therefore offers targeted and customised interventions that are rich in industry insights and reinforced by the latest innovative thinking required in the era of industry 4.0, enabling delegates to achieve their full potential professionally and personally.

Executive Education and Masterclass Offerings 2019


Negotiation Skills (9 – 10 Apr)

  • Develop your negotiation skills to create more effective partnerships and better results for your organisation.

Fundamentals of Strategy Design (13-14 May)

  • Good strategy design is at the core of business success. But developing an effective strategy has become an increasingly difficult process as seismic shifts in competition, globalisation and digitisation have rendered many traditional strategic frameworks irrelevant.

Fundamentals of Strategy Execution (27-28 May)

  • The ability to execute strategy is at the core of sustained business success. Even the best strategic plans are of little value if we do not have the right organisational capacity to effectively execute them.

Women Entrepreneurship and Leadership for Africa Programme (19 May-19 Sep)

  • This Programme is offered in partnership with CEIBS, with study blocks delivered in Johannesburg and Shanghai.  WELA is a practical, hands-on programme that examines the issues, challenges and opportunities women face in creating, managing and leading companies in Africa. The programme is specially designed for women entrepreneurs and is focused on enabling them to identify business opportunities as well as maintain viable and sustainable enterprises.

Every Leader a Storyteller (20-21 June)

  • If you are a leader, you are the narrator.  Today, more and more organisations are recognising the power of narrative and storytelling as a core leadership discipline.
The Manager’s Toolkit (Block 1: 25 – 27 June; Block 2: 23 - 25 July)

  • Practical skills for great team leadership.


Innovation Series 2: Your disruptive advantage in the digital economy (24 April)

  • Learn about innovative success stories in the context of Industry 4.0 and how to prepare and future-proof your organisation for this digital revolution. The Masterclass will help you conceptualise, develop and commercialise new and innovative business ideas. It will also guide organisations through their digital transformation journeys

Megatrends and the future of work (7 May 2018)

  • Megatrends are large global trends that will play out over time, and impact all of humankind. Being aware of these is being forearmed. Join us as we unpack the big 5 Global Megatrends. Understanding these trends will aid in developing your organisational strategy and pave the way to a more successful and sustainable business

Human Resources Series 1: Shifting the role from HR to organisational effectiveness (5 April)

  • HR has the opportunity to become the "architects" of effective organisational design and behaviour – whether at an organisational or team level instead of defining themselves as the custodians of people, processes and practices. This session will cover a new set of skills and mental models, including the ability to leverage new technologies for all HR practitioners.

  • The world of work is changing and there is untapped potential in organisations. In the future, social and emotional skills, as well as more advanced cognitive skills, will be increasingly important. The EyeGym aims to support people to focus their abilities allowing them to make more insightful and quicker decisions

Leadership Legacy: Madiba’s Leadership Principles (19 July)
  • Nelson Mandela believed in four leadership principles which will be the detailed focused of this workshop. We will further explore asto how these principles can be applied in our day to day lives, in both personal and work situations.

For more information and to register, please visit our website www.jbs.ac.za  or email us on ExecEd@jbs.ac.za