Executive Education Programmes

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Technological change and the Fourth Industrial Revolution are transforming the global business landscape like never before. Increasing competition, shifting customer tastes and requirements, the globalisation of markets and changing demographic trends, are drastically altering how companies operate in almost every region and industry in the world.

In this new era of complexity and uncertainty, bold, innovative and visionary leadership is required from both business and government alike.  The business environment in Africa in particular, requires a fresh and innovative approach, one that is contextually relevant and mindful of socio-economic dynamics and culture beyond conventional business acumen. Executive Education at the JBS therefore offers targeted and customised interventions that are rich in industry insights and reinforced by the latest innovative thinking required in the era of industry 4.0, enabling delegates to achieve their full potential professionally and personally.

Upcoming Online Executive Education Programmes

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Our signature programmes

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Upcoming Executive Education Programmes

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Previous executive education programmes

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