​Digital Product Design

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About this programme:

Digital Product Design is a skills development programme that focuses exclusively on the essentials of customer experience design. It is curated to embed modern design practices that focus on immediate value to the customer.

You will be introduced to the theory and application of digital product design and the basics of atomic design, design sprints, MVPs and the cornerstone of great user experience.

The Programme is designed to benefit new and experienced design practitioners alike, as well as specialists that want to enhance their design and customer experience skill. You will explore numerous topics including:

  • Experience design as a discipline grounded in science
  • The intuitive and processual nature of design
  • Modern design values and principles
  • Ecosystems, journeys and value chains
  • Atomic design
  • Design sustainability

About the facilitator:

Mzo Gulwa is the founder and CEO of PurpleGrowth. He has over 16 years’ experience in industry, market and competitive analysis as well as information management mainly in the financial services, legal services and public sectors. His company, PurpleGrowth, specialises in customised training and management coaching solutions to individuals, public institutions, and businesses of all sizes in South Africa and other parts of the African continent. Mzo holds a Master of Commerce in Business Management from the University of Johannesburg.

Course details:

  • Date:         10 - 13 November 2020 

  • Venue:       Online conferencing.  The conference link will be sent upon registration.
  • Fee:           R8,000.00 per delegate


  • execed@jbs.ac.za

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