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Doing business in a globalised world means not only having to transcend the theories of cost accounting and excel formulae making, but it also means being able to apply them within complex real-world challenges. Financial and business acumen are crucial in understanding how a business works, and what it takes to make money. By combining financial literacy – the ability to understand numbers on financial statements, and business literacy – understanding how strategies, behaviours and decisions not only affect the numbers but also drive profitability and sustainable growth, this online programme takes the complexity and mystery out of financial and economic analysis. It provides delegates with an understanding of how to create, position, and deliver a value proposition to customers, and measure success through profitability, cash flow, and shareholder value, using case studies and a business simulation exercise. This programme takes a storytelling approach, which is critical in giving context and meaning to the numbers and facts behind any business.

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Topics and themes

  • Understanding of key financial and business concepts, the “metrics that matter” such as cash flows, income statements compilation, cash flow forecasting, return on equity etc., to effectively manage, lead, and execute your business’s strategy
  • Connect day-to-day decisions and activities with fundamental financial, functional, and business performance metrics and goals relevant to the context your business operates in 
  • Develop problem solving and critical thinking skills for making better decisions that directly impact revenue generation and cost management 
  • Highly engaging and practical learning through the use of case studies and a business simulation exercise 
  • Storytelling around financial successes and struggles to demonstrate the context, meaning and impact of numbers and data on a business


Desmond Thomas, Leadership, Business Acumen, Management Consultant. Desmond completed his BCompt Hons in 2005 after which he joined Lloyd Viljoen Accountants & Auditors as a Trainee Article Clerk. After completing his articles he qualified as a Registered Chartered Accountant in 2007 and progressed as an Audit Manager. He continued his career in Auditing with PwC spending two years in Bermuda as an audit manager.

Michal Luptak, Co-founder of Dlala Nje and Keep Good Company. Michal "Loopy" is a rehabilitating chartered accountant from South Africa and no longer wishes to practice. After qualifying in 2012 from EY Africa, he turned to social entrepreneurship and co-founded Dlala Nje ('Just play' in isiZulu). An energetic enterprise aimed at creating opportunities for young creatives in an under resourced neighbourhood of the Johannesburg CBD. Dlala Nje operates from an iconic and equally negativelyperceived building called Ponte City. Loopy stepped down from Dlala Nje in 2019 and began a new educational venture called Keep Good Company. An experience design lab driving behavioural change for business and government in South Africa.


Programme details

Online 2-day programme:

Intake 1: 02 & 03 July 2021 
Intake 2: 21 & 22 July 2021

Fee: R4,500


  • +27 11 559 7570

  2019_UJ JBS_Download_v01_white.jpg2019_UJ JBS_Register_v01.jpg