Competing to creating 


Traditional ‘match and beat’ business approaches are delivering increasingly diminishing returns. Prospects for growth reduce as products become commoditised and many players compete for limited attention in crowded markets. This competitive convergence traps us into a race to the bottom. Creating new, uncontested and attractive market space requires a move from what Peter Thiel calls the ‘zero to one’. You look past what others are doing in your competitive set, and build the ability to make sense of and invent new and relevant responses or actions for situations not yet encountered. It is, in effect, a shift from competing to creating in order to navigate complexity.

Increased exposure to unfamiliar situations is one of the few certainties of future businesses. Machines can already perform many tasks, particularly repetitive, monotonous ones, better than humans. The challenge of our time is to rethink our human contribution in the age of machines, drawing less on linear approaches and more on possibility-centred approaches fed by human creativity. Our human energy can be freed for solving interesting but important challenges, and for engaging in more purposeful work.

In this masterclass, we stretch thinking and comfort zones, providing some immersive experience of simple, deeply practical tools for our unpredictable times.   


Gaylin Jee uses new thinking and practical tools to shift comfort zones and unleash the creative organisations of tomorrow. With a distinct focus on human thriving and evoking FLOW, her work with leaders and teams drives more innovative business results and the achievement of goals that sit outside of business-as-usual. She has worked with leaders and teams from a range of industry sectors and organisation sizes. 

Gaylin Jee spent over 10 years in London, latterly managing programmes of research into sustainable performance and leadership for the CIPD, (Europe’s largest people management and development body), with case studies in the UK and Asia. In 2016 she became the first South African to be accredited in the new organometric ‘The GCIndex®’, which identifies and builds game-changing talent and teams. Gaylin Jee brought this thinking into South Africa, establishing a base for the instrument in the region and accrediting practitioners to use it in their work. She is a Certified Facilitator of Lego Serious Play Materials and Methodologies, and a columnist at Talent Talks Africa. On invitation, Gaylin has just authored the chapter “From compete to create” for publish in the Springer Nature Switzerland text “Thriving in Digital Workspaces” later in 2019.

In addition to writing, speaking, coaching and facilitating, you will find Gaylin Jee collaborating around new ideas and offerings with others who share a drive to positively disrupt the world of work, and the role that humans play within it.

  • +27 11 559 1783


  • Date: 3 July 2019 from 08:30 – 12:00 
  • Training venue: Johannesburg Business School (Cnr Barry Hertzog and Empire Road, Milpark)
  • Fee: R750

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