Centre for African Business

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The Centre for African Business (CAB) aims to contribute towards making the University of Johannesburg’s business school recognised for excellence in management and leadership capacity building in Africa and internationally.

The CAB’s principle activity is, among other things, to develop and publish teaching case studies. The CAB is dedicated to delivering contextually relevant case studies and is committed to the decolonisation of teaching, learning and the broader curriculum – using Africa-specific examples and outputs.

The Centre also runs various events (seminars, workshops and conferences), short courses and learning immersions into various African countries linked to its research outputs, and geared towards driving the Pan-African agenda and strategy of the JBS and the College of Business and Economics at large.

Research-focused on Africa, through the publication of opinion editorials, white papers and journal articles, is another important area of focus for the Centre.

The Centre collaborates widely with other centres at the University of Johannesburg and beyond, seeking partnerships with similar centres of African business and networks of experts.   

Previous events & forums:

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