​Behavioural Economics

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About this online programme:

Behavioural Economics is gaining recognition and influence for its importance in guiding marketing efforts and ethics.  It has proven effective in building good organisational cultures and helping us understand what we don't understand and why we don't understand it.

The JBS online Programme on Behavioural Economics is designed to increase your awareness of how cognitive bias drives decision-making, and what you as a leader can do to respond and drive improved results in your organisation.  We will explore an elegant framework backed by the result of a 30-year exploration that sought to identify the connection between psychology and economic decisions.  We will examine topics such as:

  • Our "irrational" patterns of thinking about money and investments
  • Expectations and how they shape perception
  • Economic and psychological analyses of dishonesty by honest people
  • How social and financial incentives work together (or against each other) in labour
  • How self-control comes into play with decision-making
  • How emotion – rather than cognition – can have a large impact on economic decisions
  • Why good teams make bad decisions
  • Switching your Leadership Mindset
  • Making better decisions:  blind spots, bias and what they mean for business

At the end of the Programme, you would have gained insights to explain apparent madness.  Most importantly, you will have practical tools to better manage decision-making with customers and employees alike.

Erik Vermeulen.jpgFaculty:

Erik Vermeulen is a Global Business Consultant and Keynote Speaker specialising in corporate behaviour strategies.  Erik explores trends and behaviours that have shaped the business world and delivers ones that are required to motivate and improve performance in the business world.  His strategies allow companies to create more profitable behaviours by examining how their teams work and they interact with their employees as well as their customers.

Erik has served long-term consulting contracts with some of the world's largest companies.  He has helped an African mobile phone company say "Jambo Greatness", he has shown the staff at Africa's most profitable airline how they can "lift you up", he has helped a medical aid scheme to become "pacesetters" and he has even managed to get the IT division of a major bank to "simplify complexity".  His insights into how consumers and employees behave and how to shape these behaviours in a new economy shaped by technology are essential in Leadership and bottom-line success.

An avid multisport endurance athlete, Erik is drawn to explore the outdoors and test human potential along the way.  He is a partner in The Munga and director of The Munga Trail, a 400km trail run that is featured by Runners World International as one of the toughest races on the planet.  In June 2018, he launched 7.2º, an ambitious project to reach both North and South Poles as well as all 7 summits in a world breaking time of less than 138 days.

Course details:

  • Date:         5 & 6 November 2020 – two sessions per day

  • Venue:       Online conferencing.  The conference link will be sent upon registration.
  • Fee:           R3,000.00 per delegate


  • execed@jbs.ac.za

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