​About Johannesburg Business School

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The purpose of the Johannesburg Business School (JBS) is to equip people to grow small- and medium-sized businesses and by so doing create jobs and expand our economy.
At JBS, students will experience an innovative teaching style geared to the complex environment of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), yet at the same time remaining authentically African. Masterclasses, Executive Education and the MBA will use an innovative teaching style that is designed to provide students with relevant skills, knowledge and critical thinking capabilities suited to the challenges introduced by the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). The emphasis is on practical and useable knowledge that will have a direct benefit to the student’s business or organisation.
Three areas of knowledge have been constructed specifically to inspire those in SMEs and to give them the tools they need to take their ideas forward:
• ‘Self’ provides insight into purpose and self-management
• ‘Enterprise’ gives an understanding of what it takes to run a successful and sustainable business
• ‘Environment’ looks to how business operates in society

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