ntonio-andreoni.jpgAntonio is Senior Lecturer in Economics at SOAS University of London and Research Director of the Anti-Corruption Evidence (ACE) Research Consortium funded by the Department for International Development (DFID), UK Aid. At SOAS he is also Principal Investigator for 'Governing financialisation, innovation and productivity in UK manufacturing' (GOFINPRO), a research project funded by the Gatsby Foundation. Antonio also leads the SOAS Industrial Development ad Policy (IDP) Interdepartmental Research Cluster; he is a Member of the Centre for African Studies; finally, at the Department of Economics, Antonio convenes the MSc in Global Economic Governance and Policy and the MSc in Economics with reference to Africa. 

Antonio holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge, where he was also Post-doctoral Research Associate at the Institute for Manufacturing, Department of Engineering, and is Life Member of Clare Hall.

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Selected publications:

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