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School of ​​​​​​​​​​Public Management and Governance

Welcome to the School of Public Management and Governance, a young, dynamic department in the College of Business Economy at the University of Johannesburg. 

The department  strives to generate new knowledge about how to improve public services delivery to individuals and communities and how to empower citizens through these services to maximize their developmental potential. We invite students to participate in new leading Public Management and Governance (including Public Administration and Leadership and Local Governance) under graduate and post graduate programmes that address the public sector’s research and training capacity- building needs at all levels of government.

The systematic study of public sector values, institutions and processes, like many other study programmes (subjects), experienced evolutionary changes in recent years. The changes have come about as a result of attempts to respond to the changing demands on government. The School's courses are sometimes in other environments and higher education institutions also  popularly known as Public Administration or Public Management. We place the emphasis of our research, education, training and community interaction in this field on improving the role of government in society, broadly called  Public Management and Governance. 

Welcome to this new and exciting way of looking at how government should govern, manage, sustain and implement the legislation and policies of the state in the pursuit of its developmental role of social empowerment through developing, caring for, regulating and protecting its democratic society according to the latest knowledge about how to do this in a sustainable manner.