About CSESE​

The CSESE’s strategic intent is to:

  • be an internationally recognized centre of excellence in researching, educating, finding, supporting and developing social entrepreneurial projects within the social economy and promote scholarship in the emerging field of inquiry. 
  • deliver outcomes that form part of an increase in social entrepreneurial innovations and social enterprises aimed at the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals and the eradication of poverty and social challenges facing our young democracy and the continent.
The CSESE strategic objectives are to:

  • be a centre of excellence in research and education in social entrepreneurship and the social economy
  • develop and implement strategies and programmes, blurring the boundaries between business, government and non-profit, adopting and adapting the tools and knowledge from all sectors to improve performance, develop new approaches and attract more resources to the social economy
  • through training and education provide social entrepreneurs/enterprises with access to the resources necessary to maximise, sustain and scale social impact
  • promote social entrepreneurship and social enterprise development by holding colloquiums, seminars, workshops and symposia
  • network with universities and similar institutions or centres globally, enter into joint ventures with such institutions and to source best practices in social entrepreneurship and social enterprises development that could be introduced or replicated in the relevant environments or to similar challenges.