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Prof Josef Langerman

Prof Josef is the  Executive Head of IT Organisation Transformation & Software Engineering at Standard Bank of South Africa. He is an Agile and DevOps evangelist, reader, gamer and all-round curious guy. On the weekend he watches movies with his wife and cycles with his children. Prof Josef is also a Professor of Practice at the Univesity of Johannesburg. Read more about his profile by clicking here


Mr Rudi Dicks

Mr Rudi is the Director of Cyber Security at Checkmark and has more than 18 years of experience in network design and server administration with a focus on information security. He has conducted penetration tests for multiple top 100 companies and multi-national organizations. Mr Rudi is well versed in best practices and compliance including King III; POPI; OWASP; ISO27001; PCI; NIST and US Laws (SOX; HIPAA; GLBA)). He specializes in network and server related security and more! Read more about his profile by 

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Prof Manoj Maharaj

Professor of Information Systems & Technology, School of Management, IT and Governance, at UKZN. Prof Manoj is an academic leader and expert in all formal studies in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. He has worked at UKZN for the past 31 years, first 15 in Mathematics and then in Information Systems. Prof Maharaj is also a Member of the Board of Directors – Moses Kotane Institute (SOE in KZN) and a Member of the Board of Directors – NEMISA (National SOE). His current research interests are in Cybersecurity, Information Risk Management, and Emerging Technologies. Read more about his profile by clicking here