Gauteng Schools Art and Design Awards – 2016

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Gauteng Schools Art and Design Awards

Annually - 2016

Approximately 100 works are selected by the judges and eligible for the awards and prizes sponsored by Herbert Evans (annually, schedules permitting). The aims of this competition are as follows:

  • Providing the youth of the province with a unified platform for creative expression, whilst honouring their art skills and talents.
  • To acknowledge creative output produced at local secondary schools: as work made formally for an art and design (including Technology) subject portfolio and informally, as part of the school’s extramural activities.
  • To raise awareness amongst schools of the significant role creativity plays in a pupil’s development.
  • Contribute to the development of standards in art and design teaching and learning amongst secondary schools.
  • To promote art and design disciplines as a lucrative career choice and study option at tertiary institutions (possibly awarding a bursary as first prize).
  • To stimulate the development of creative role models amongst school peers in awarding prestigious prizes normally associated with achievements in sport and other extramural activities
  • To create a ‘visual platform’ for teaching and learning art and design at secondary schools.
  • Exposing work of a high standard produced at a secondary level in a formal gallery space, in a curated fashion, meeting museum standards.
  • Encourage a culture of visiting museums and galleries in preserving and valuing our cultural heritage amongst the youth.