Munkus Website

Designer – Thando Ntuli

Thando Ntuli is a young and curious woman born in the vibrations of Soweto, Johannesburg. Through craftmanship, I want to raise the voice of the everyday woman. The art of making clothes be a way of expressing oneself and what one believes in. I want to pay homage to the women who were here before us, who paved the way for us.

In 2016, I completed a one year course at the North West School of Design and received an award for Best Designer. After completing the course, I moved to Cape Town to study at Fedisa for a BA in Fashion Design. During my third year at Fedisa, I showcased my brand before its launch and received the Truworths award for the Most Fashionable Commercial Range in the class of 2019 Graduate Class.

As a student at Fedisa, I also worked for MeMeMe, an upscale flagship boutique stocking carefully-selected local independent designers. Whilst at MeMeMe, I gained valuable insights into the ins and out of the retail side of owning a South African fashion brand. During my studies, I also interned at Glencaroal a sock manufacturer and Truworths to gain industry knowledge.

As a ten-recent graduate, I was offered a job by Truworths; I was a junior buyer for boys wear and I was focused on the Max & Miabrand. As a fledging entrepreneur in the fashion industry, my brand aims to create clothing that gives people a sense of home no matter where they are. This comes with the responsibility of the work I put out and company I keep.

What is the MUNKUS design style?

MUNKUS is influenced by South African fashion from the 1980’s and 1990’s. MUNKUS incorporates classic silhouettes to create a retro intergenerational style. I have taken inspiration from my forbearers, a generational genetic line of mothers in my life. The women who wore many hats from work to home and I have translated their many roles create styles that are expressive yet sophisticated. MUNKUS lets you create layered looks by offering pieces that can be assembled in different ways or worn alone. MUNKUS garments are simple yet multi-purposeful go-to pieces for every occasion.

Who MUNKUS is?

MUNKUS is a contemporary colourful transseasonal brand. Munkus is the name I am called by at home, naturally it became a name I’ve attached to a sense of home. And this is an emo

tion that my brand conveys. Relatable to any woman no matter who you are or where you are. Women should feel the same fuzziness when hearing the name and wearing the clothing. This is an entire local experience in youthful attire that tells a story through colours and prints. I am a millennial rooted by history and influenced by our predecessors. I aim to create new with what is and what was. The idea of the brand is to incorporate the history of South Africa. Munkus lies within the streets of Soweto and townships like Gugulethu. A brand that will continue to grow because its inspirations are rooted within intergenerational history.


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