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This page details our completed Doctoral and Masters Student projects.

You can access a Thesis or Dissertation by clicking on the title of the study. You can then download the Thesis or Dissertation from the Institutional Repository of the University of Johannesburg’s UJDigispace. Please note that some Theses and Dissertations might not be accessible.

* represents the degree awarded ‘with distinction’

TM represents the award of the Technikon Medal for excellence in postgraduate research

CM represents the award of the University Chancellor’s Medal for meritorious postgraduate research.


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Art History


Student NameQualifierGraduatedStudy LeaderTitle of Thesis
​1Hobbs, Philippa Anne​Art History​2019​SchmahmannIdeology, imagery and female agency in tapestry at the Evangelical Lutheran Church Art and Craft Centre, Rorke’s Drift, during the Swedish period 1961 – 1976


2​​Crawshay-Hall, Jayne Kelly​Art History​2020​Schmahmann​​Reconceptualising curatorial strategies and roles: Autonomous curating in Johannesburg


​3​Do Rego, Roxanne​Art History​2020​SchmahmannParodies of Classical Mythologies by Women Artists in Post-Apartheid South Africa


​4​Monoa, Thabang​Art History​2021​SchmahmannBlackness in Afrofuturist art in South Africa


Master of Technology: Fine Art (MTech: Fine Art)


Student Name​Research ModeGraduatedSupervisors​Title of Dissertation
1Hofmeyr, CarolAcademic Practical2000Berman
Fragments fetishes and relics
2Kruger, MariekaAcademic Practical2000MaraisA holy war: redemption versus damnation as spiritual metaphors in a selected body of work
3Woolf, SusanApplied Research2002 *Farber
The conceptual and practical realisation of a corporate art commission
4Marshal, BronwynApplied Research2003 * TMBermanAn Investigation into archival handmade papers for the South African art market
5Coppes, AmandaApplied Research2003 * TMBermanHand papermaking and the use of invasive plant species for sustainable cultural development
6Pahl, IlseAcademic Practical2004Marais
Once upon a time … : an investigation of selected, domestic mass-produced objects and their display as source for an exhibition of drawings and sculptures
7Ladiera, JeannotApplied Research (PAR)2005Paton
Materials and new designs in sustainable community development: A case study of Phumani Papers’ Eshowe Papermaking Project
8Tshabalala, David MotsamaiApplied Research (PAR)2006Berman
The use of paper pulp as a medium for three-dimensional figurative sculpture: a study based on “Hear our voice” for Phumani Paper Alleviation Programme
9Pickster, ClaireAcademic Practical2006FarberTranshuman bodies in contemporary art: plastic possibilities, consumer choices
10Burger, Maria Anna ConsiglioAcademic Practical2006 *Farber
Transformation within personal and public realms through contemporary artmaking processes


11Bogaard, Ruby ChristineAcademic Practical2006 *Marais
von Veh
Ambivalent aspects of the Goddess in selected examples of contemporary South African women’s art


12Basel, Karin ElizabethAcademic Practical2006 *Paton
von Veh
Slippages in meaning: the influence of context in scripto/visual communication


13Warren, ZhaneAcademic Practical2007Berman
From paper to performance: embodied ritualised actions towards self-transformation


14Swanepoel, NicoleneAcademic Practical2007Marais
Representations of cattle as cultural markers towards South African identities


15Antonopoulo, ShanninAcademic Practical2008 *FarberSoap opera sets as signifiers of characterization


16Magowan, RobynAcademic Practical2008von VehSocial masquerade: a theoretical and practical analogy as applied to selected case studies of battered women in Johannesburg


17Du Preez, SuzanneAcademic Practical2008Farber
Hybrid identities in Johannesburg: grafting garment, city and self


18Simmons, FionaTheoretical Research2008von VehUkuthwasa style: meaning, significance and change in beadwork and apparel in the White River area of eastern Mpumalanga


19Cleaver, RosalindAcademic Practical2009 *von Veh
Colonial, tourist and alternative views of commodified South African wilderness


20Froud, Gordon ClarkAcademic Practical2009PatonModularity, repetition and material choices as strategies in the work of selected South African sculptors


21Hyson, Inge-LoreAcademic Practical2010Marais
van Eeden
Representation as cultural construct in two Johannesburg gardens and selected artworks


22Maphangwa, ShonisaniAcademic Practical2011Farber
From colonial to post-colonial: shifts in cultural meaning in Dutch lace and Shweshwe fabric


23Rennie, ChristyTheoretical Research2011Farber
van Rensburg
Privileging corporeal identity: an embodied approach to artmaking practice


24Hartwig, Claudia KatarinaApplied Research (PAR)2012 * CMBerman
The role of screen-print projects in enhancing awareness of active citizenship: a case study at Artist Proof Studio


25Nanackchand, VedantApplied Research (PAR)2012Berman
Visual graphics for human rights: an art education approach


26Hlasane, Mphapho ChristianApplied Research (PAR)2012 *Berman
Photovoice, mural art and mapping as mobilizing tools for social change: a case study of a Phumani Paper enterprise


27Zietsman, DerekAcademic Practical2013 * CMPaton
van Eeden
Performing masculinities in the iconographies of selected white South African male artists


28Jansen van Veuren, Lodewyk MocheAcademic Practical2013 * CMTaylor
The rhythms of minutes: Henri Lefebvre’s rhythm analyses and an investigation of spatial practices in a selected public site in urban Johannesburg


29Bakker, MaaikeAcademic Practical2014 * CMPatonAn exploration of the re-presentation of intangible and ephemeral art


30Mchunu, KhayaApplied Research (PAR)2014 *Berman
The development of a new sewing co-operative for Tshulu Trust in HaMakuya, Limpopo Province


31Lovelace, JulieAcademic Practical2014von Veh FroudExpressions of liminality in examples of unsanctioned public art in Johannesburg


32Pomeroy, JennyAcademic Practical2015 * CMPatonLocating the auratic: an investigation of visual translations between photographic sources and selected portrait paintings


33Richardson, AdenaAcademic Practical2015 *Paton
Mapping linkages between image and text: an investigation of Willem Boshoff’s Bread and Pebble Roadmap in relation to emergent Afrikaner identities


34Schutte, SophiaAcademic Practical2015 *Froud
Use of material and biomorphic form as a means to convey aspects of gendered and cultural identity constructs with emphasis on selected works by Nicholas Hlobo


35​Vos, LorealAcademic Practical2016von Veh
Symbols of death and violence in contemporary South African art with reference to seventeenth century Dutch Vanitas art


36Lemmer, Jean PaulPractice-Led Research2016 *Berman
Making mechanical sculpture for performative interaction: a practice led research project


37Do Rego, Roxanne​Theoretical Research2016 *SchmahmannBeauty and beastliness: a comparison of the representations of women in selected works by Walt Disney Pictures. Angela Carter and Diane Victor


38Monoa, ThabangAcademic Practical2016Froud
Hybridity and liminality in selected examples of contemporary South African creative glass practice


39Mielke, HeidiAcademic Practical2016Berman
Artistic responses to violence against women and children in South Africa


40Rowley, ChelseaAcademic Practical2017 * CMvon Veh
An uncertain practice: visual ambiguity as an index of uncertainty in selected painters’ work


41Whiteman, CasperAcademic Practical2017 *Nanackchand


Engaging the plastic tide: a critical visual response to marine plastic pollution


42Linossi, Lisa NicoleAcademic Practical2018 *Schmahmann
Tracing presence through absence : personal artefacts as indices of memory in the works of Bridget Baker


43Rademan, LindaAcademic Practical2018 * CMVon Veh
Threads of ambivalence: redressing selected aspects of Afrikaner female identities through art making



Van Schalkwyk, Ilka

Academic Practical2018Paton
The synaesthetic artist : manifestations of synaesthesia in selected artworks


45​Gigaba, MuziwandileAcademic Practical2018 *Berman
Anthropomorphism and therianthropism in artworks of Nandipha Mntambo and Colbert Mashile


46Winter, ColleenAcademic Practical2018 *Froud
Art-making as ritual : an exploration and development of a personal iconography


47​Van Der Westhuizen, Albertus (Barry)Academic Practical2018Berman
Artist as Cartographer : a visual and semiotic analysis of map-based artworks


48Hager, GaryApplied Research (PAR)2018Berman
Printmaking as an empowering tool to teach life skills in a Johannesburg high school classroom


​49​Hazell, Matthew​Academic Practical​2018​Farber
​Relational choreography as a means of negotiating white masculinities within, and through, the work of selected white male South African artists


​50Hilary, Keegan​Academic Practical​2019 *​Von Veh
Deconstructing representations of profane womanhood in Snow White and Red Shoes and specific works by Paula Rego and Diane Victor


​51​Laing, Allen Walter​Academic Practical​2019 * CM​Paton


​Fictional worlds and characters in art-making : Fook Island as exemplar for art practice


​52​Van Schalkwyk, Jana​Academic Practical​2019 *​Berman
Distortion to reflection : an auto-ethnographic and artistic exploration


​53​Kaczmarek, Roxana Rose​Academic Practical​2019 *​Berman
​The role of selected emerging Johannesburg printmaking collectives in reframing the traditional model of printmaking through concept and scope of practice


​54​Generalis, Yannis John​Academic Practical​2020 * CM​Von Veh
Hybrid vigour as a creative strategy in the works of Steven Cohen and Grace Jones


​55Thumbiran, Kiveshan​Academic Practical​2020​SchmahmannConcepts of dystopia in contemporary South African Art


​56​Tembane, Vanessa​Academic Practical​2020 *Schmahmann
Memory, cultural hybridity and migration in the works of Wanja Kimani


​57​Torr, Nina Louise Catharina​Academic Practical​2020 *​Paton
von Veh
Making sense : tacit and explicit knowledge in the creative process


​58​Nkonyane, Sanelisiwe Hermione​Academic Practical​2020​Raubenheimer
Interrogating the notion of ownership of the female body : embodiment and self-representation in my artistic practice and selected works by Nandipha Mntambo


​59​Beagle, Amalia Kate​Applied Research (PAR)​2020 *​Berman

Creative interventions: An integrated-arts pedagogical approach in the Workplace Preparation classroom of the Extended Access programme at UJ


​60​Bollweg, Jean Thierry​Academic Practical
with PAR element
​2020 *​Gray
The production of an accessible sequential graphic narrative through the use of narrative inquiry ; based on the life of anti-apartheid activist Florrie Daniels


​61​Oyebode, Samuel Idowu​Academic Practical​2020​Nettleton
Yoruba Adire signs as a method of communication in contemporary art practice in diaspora Africa


​62​Ellwood, Matthew​Academic Practical​2020​Froud
​Recognising Melancholy: Processing Mortality’s Articulation in Landscape Art


​63​Kate’Lyn Chetty​Academic Practical​2021​Raubenheimer
​Contradictory notions of belonging in the representation of Sawoti found in photographic archives from 1950 and 1996


​64​Alexa Pienaar​Academic Practical​2021 * CM​Schmahmann
​A Psychic Landscape: Reimagining personal identities within local landscapes


Masters Diploma in Technology: Fine Art (MDipTech: Fine Art)​ ​ ​ ​ ​
​1​Vels, Elizabeth​Exhibition & Dissertation​1994​KerrLogos as artefact: word become flesh


​2​Marais, Marialda​Exhibition & Dissertation​1995​KerrThe artist’s ice-axe: a study of the function of multivalence in a selected body of work

Older research from the Rand Afrikaans University (RAU)
​ ​ ​ ​ ​
​1​Miles, Elizabeth Josephine​PhD: Art History​1983​Engel, E.P.‘n Ikonologiese ondersoek na die beeldmotiewe in die kuns van Maggie Laubser


​2​Von Maltitz, Elizabeth Amalia​MA: Art History​1985​Engel, E.P.Development of form and meaning in the sculpture of Edoardo Villa


​3​Janse van Rensburg, Wilhelm Alfred​MA: Art History​1989​Engel, E.P.​Die vroulike beginsel in die kuns van Irma Stern