Prof Christo Vosloo

Research Outputs

1997 ​Abstract: The role of public spaces in urban integration. Accepted for publication in the proceedings of the International Federation of Housing and Planning Annual Conference.

1998 Poster on the Re-development of the Migrant Labour Hostels exhibited at National Housing Conference, Durban.

2007 Paper at W69: Housing Sociology: 2007 International Conference: “Communities and the Frontiers of Housing”: The environmental impact of selected low-cost housing developments in the Eastern Cape Province

2008 Paper at Union of International Architects 23rd World Congress of Architecture, Torino, Italy: Architecture as an Expression of South African Identity & Defiance

2010 Article: Towards local identity in South African architecture. Published in Image and Text No.16 (Department of Education Accredited Journal)

2015 Article: Establishing viable architectural firms. Published in Architecture SA (May/ June 2015) (Department of Education Accredited Journal)

2015 Entrepreneurial Education and training for architects. Paper delivered at 5th International Conference on Architecture, Athens.

2015 Entrepreneurial Education and training for architects. Article published in Athens Journal for Architecture Vol 2, Issue 1 (January 2016) ISSN number: 2407-9472

2016 Participatory Entrepreneurial Learning for Architects. Paper delivered at 6th International Conference on Architecture, Athens.

2016 Experiential Entrepreneurial Learning in Architecture. Published in Athens Institute for Education and Research Conference Paper Series ARC2016-2096. ISSN:2241-2891.

2017 Entrepreneurship Education for South African Architectural Students. Paper delivered at 4th International Conference S.Arch. 7-9 May, Hong Kong. Published in Conference Proceedings with ISSN number: 2198-1688. 2017 How enduring South African Firms got there (co-authored with Profs. P. Vosloo and A. Antonites, University of Pretoria). Published in Architecture SA (November/ December 2017) (Department of Education Accredited Journal). 2018 A Framework for Entrepreneurship Education, Training and Support for South African Architects (co-authored with Profs. P. Vosloo and A. Antonites, University of Pretoria). Accepted for publication in South African Journal for Higher Education Vol 32 no. 5 of 2018. (Department of Education Accredited Journal)

2018 An Entrepreneurship Programme for Architects. Paper delivered at 5th International Conference S.ARCH. 22-24 May, Venice Italy

Alexander Opper

Research Output

Opper, A. 2013. Ways of belonging. In B. Law-Viljoen (Ed.). Hotel Yeoville (pp.65-80). Fourthwall Books. Johannesburg.

Opper, A. 2012. 2010 reasons for living. In J. Gaylard (Ed.) 2010 reasons to live in a small town (pp.13-19 (in the ‘TEXTS’ component of the two-part publication)). VANSA. Johannesburg.

Opper, A. 2012. Productive ‘Leakage’ and the ‘Folding’ of the Studio into the Field. FADA Research Newsletter. Issue 16:pp.4-8.

Opper, A. 2012. The Limitations of the ‘Half’ and the ‘Whole’. Art South Africa. Vol. 11:pp.14-15.

Opper, A. 2012. The Art of Subtraction. Art South Africa. Vol. 10:pp.18-19.

Opper, A. 2011. Maja Marx: Fold (Exhibition catalogue for a show at the Whatiftheworld Gallery, Cape Town). Cape Town. Whatiftheworld Gallery. pp.6-12.

Opper, A. 2011. Tables of Uncomfortable Contents: Reading between the Lines. Art South Africa. Vol. 09:pp.34-38.

Opper, A. 2010. Undoing Architecture. On Making: Integrating Approaches to Practice-Led Research in Art and Design. (Ed. L. Farber). FADA, UJ. International colloquium held at FADA, UJ, on 15-16 October 2009.

Opper, A. 2010. The Art of being Public. Art South Africa. 2010. Vol. 09:44-49.

Opper, A. 2010. Creating meaning in architecture and furniture design in a South African context: searching for interdisciplinary lessons between two disciplines. Imaging Ourselves: Visual Identities in Representation. (Ed. L. Farber) FADA, UJ. International conference held at FADA, UJ, on 15 June 2009. pp.48-71.

Recent Conference presentations:

Alexander Opper. A Tale of Three Cities or, bringing back the Public in (PUBLIC) Art. Second Annual Public Art Conference, Maboneng (MOAD), Johannesburg. 16-18 November 2012.

Alexander Opper & Thorsten Deckler. Informal Studio: Ruimsig – Unsettling the Status Quo. AZA Conference, Cape Town. 13-17 September 2012.

Alexander Opper & Thorsten Deckler. Informal Studio: Ruimsig. Goethe-Institut, One-day Sub-Saharan Regional Conference, Goethe-Institut, Johannesburg. 3 May 2012.

Alexander Opper & Thorsten Deckler. Informal Studio: Ruimsig – Unsettling the Status Quo. Eunic Architecture Studio #4; Johannesburg. 21-25 November 2011.

Alexander Opper & Thorsten Deckler. Informal Studio Ruimsig. African Perspectives, Casablanca. 3-5 November 2011.

Alexander Opper. (Not) Everything counts in large amounts: Dusty Realism and the productive ‘archive’ of the in between. Synthetic Dirt, Rhodes University.16-17 April 2011.

Alexander Opper. Landscapes and Trajectories of Displacement: Finding Place in Hotel Yeoville; SAVAH. Wits, Johannesburg. 11-15 January 2011.

Dr Finzi Saidi

Research Outcome:

Book chapter entitled “Rethinking the Role of Landscape Architecture in Urban Cape Town.” in the “The South African Landscape Architecture Reader”

Recent Conference Papers:

Toroitich. C and Saidi F. 2012 Towards Vision 2030: Developing a Responsive Landscape Architecture Curriculum for Kenya. 49th IFLA World Congress. 4th to 7th September 2012 Cape town

Saidi. F. 2011: From The Voortrekker Monument To Freedom Park. 2nd IFLA AFRICA symposium to be held from 5-7th October 2011 at the Africa Institute for Capacity Development (AICAD) Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology (JKUAT) Kenya

Saidi F and Nazier F.2011. Enhancing Learner Performance in Design Education for Disadvantaged Students: The Case of Diploma Programmes in Architecture and Jewellery Design and Manufacture. Sixth International Design Education Conference 7 & 8 September 2011, University of Johannesburg

Jabu Makhubu

Research Outcome:


Peer Reviewed Journal

Saidi, F., Makhubu, J. and Adu-Agyei, D. (2022) “Multiple Mnazi Mmoja: Exploring Identities of Contemporary African Urban Landscapes”, The Journal of Public Space, 7(1). doi:

Saidi, F., Makhubu, J., Adengo, D. 2020. “ Exploring the Nakivubo and Kinawataka Wetland Settlements”. Folio: Journal of Contemporary African Architecture. Vol 2, p 204-219. GSA Imprints

Peer Reviewed Conference proceedings

Makhubu, J. 2022. “Repositioning architectural education through tactics of transgression”. The City is [NOT] a Tree: The Urban Ecologies of Divided Cities, TUT & IEREK, 5-7 July 2022

Adu-Agyei, D., Makhubu JA., Saidi, FE. 2019. “Collaboration as a Form of Counterculture”. The Design After Conference, Bogota, Columbia. p 639-650

Makhubu, A. 2018. “A Cub Speaks: Narratives about Cities in Africa from Young Graduates in Johannesburg”. In Robert Holman (ed). International Institute of Social and Economic Sciences Proceedings, 42nd International Academic Conference, Rome, Italy 10-13 September. p. 218-235

Makhubu, A. 2016. “A Democratic City? The impact of transport networks on social cohesion”. In Carol Hien (ed.) International Planning History Society Proceedings, 17th IPHS Conference, History-Urbanism-Resilience, TU Delft 17-21 July 2016, V.03 p.223


Invited talks

2022- Tshwane University of Technology. “Not Another Community Centre, Market or Research Facility: Provocations towards alternative Readings of the African Urban– Guest Lecture to master’s Class

2021-South African Institute of Architects “Many Voices” transformation webinar series #2 decolonizing architectural education. SAIA. “Unsettling”.  Presenter and panelist

2021- African Construction Expo. Soaring, The SACAP Stakeholder Convention. “Where are we: Harnessing the creative potential of the youth”. Presenter and Panelist

2021- African Construction Expo. African Smart Cities Summit. (panelist)

2021- A Seat at the Table. Pretoria Institute of Architects. Panelists

2021- Health and Vitality: Creating Appropriate Cities in Africa. “North/South Conversations”. Presenter and panelist

2020- South North Festival of the minds. GSA. “Radical Teaching Practice at the University of Johannesburg: Africanizing the Curriculum”. Presenter and panelist

2019- Politics of Architecture in Africa. SOAS and GSA. “Architectural Pedagogy in (South) Africa through the  Tactics of Transgression”

2018- Association of Collegiate Schools on Architecture (ACSA-US)- “Cultivating a New Normal”. PLAY with Rules. (co-authored with Tariq Toffa)

2018- Tshwane University of Technology Architecture department in collaboration with University of Johannesburg Architecture department- Between Cities Joint Seminar Series. “Urban Resilience: An American Story”. 24 July 2018- Guest Presenter

2017- Design Education Forum of Southern Africa (DEFSA). “Discursive Reinforcings of a Racialized Needy Other”. #Decolonise (co-authored & presented with Tuliza Sindi)

2017- Design Education Forum of Southern Africa (DEFSA). “Exploring a decolonized curriculum in architecture”. #Decolonise (co-authored & presented with Finzi Saidi)

2016- 3rd UROLab. “Braamfontein reimagined” (presented by my 4th year students based on research I supervised). Wits university. Invited by Solam Makhabela- Braamfontein City Studio Coordinator (Wits)

Leon Krige

Research Outcomes:

JHB Nocturnes photo essay interview in DOMUS Italy web – October 2012
JHB Nocturnes in Playboy SA – November 2012
De Arte December 2012 – Peer review by Melinda Silverman
Recent Conference Papers:

3 Houses by Gawie Fagan Art Historians Conference at Wits 2011

Denver Hendricks


Book Chapters

The City of Slums: Johannesburg’s inner-city informality, editor Carlo Pozzi, Pescara, Italy. Taylor and Francis, 2021

Journal Articles

Hendricks, D. M. & Dr A. Martinez Perez, “Borders of Precincts (pending publication in 2021): Unpacking the Politics of White Neighbourhood Identities in the Post-Apartheid Black City”, Urbanism at the Borders Conference, Zaman, Q M and Hall, G (editors) (2020 – forthcoming), Urbanism at Borders – A Discourse Analysis, Springer Urban Book Series, Springer Verlag, Switzerland.

Hendricks, D. M. & Hendricks M. T., “Fostering Innovative Entrepreneurial Design Students: Exploring the Relationship Between Innovation Characteristics and Attitudes Towards Entrepreneurship in South African Design Students”, Education, Design and Practice – Understanding skills in a Complex World, AMPS, Architecture MPS; Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey / New York, 10.14324/111.444.amps.2020v18i1.005

Conference papers

Hendricks, D. M. 2021. “Applications of Augmented Reality as a Blended Learning Tool: A case study for Architectural Technology and Detailing”, SOTL Conference (Pending)

Hendricks, D. M. 2021. “Developing an Educational Strategy for Emerging Technology in Design: A Case Study of the FABLAB at FADA, UJ”, Design Education Forum Southern Africa (DEFSA) Conference (Pending)

Hendricks, D. M. & Dr A. Martinez Perez, 2019. “Peripheral corridors: the post-metropolitan landscape of Melville (Johannesburg) and Leganes (Madrid), The National Conference of SIU, 2018 The Italian Society of Urban Planners, Florence, Italy.

Hendricks, D. M. 2018. “Decolonisation in Tertiary Design Education: Redesigning the Content, Structure and Space of Design”, Disciplines for an Inclusive Pedagogy, Cumulus Conference, Paris, France 2018

Hendricks, D. M. 2016. Black Space: a spatial narrative of the socio-economic effect post-apartheid planning has on black people, in the Cape Flats, Cape Town, CPUD’ 16, International City Planning and Urban Design Conference, DAKAM Conference, Istanbul, Turkey.

Hendricks, D. M. 2015. Unpacking the Decision-Making Process of Johannesburg City Projects: A Dialogue Between Design and Participation, D. Hendricks, CUI 15 International Urban Issues Conference on Informality, DAKAM Conference, Istanbul, Turkey.

Dr P. Tumubweinee & D. Hendricks, 2012. “Advertisement, Fashion and Home”, DAKAM Archtheo 12 Theory of Architecture Conference, Istanbul, Turkey.

 Community Engagement Project

Slovo Park, Nancefield, Johannesburg, Building a park with 2nd-year architecture students in collaboration with One-to-One Agency, 2013

Vrededorp (Fietas), Johannesburg. Developing a new vision for Fietas with 1st-year architecture students in collaboration with Salma Patel, Fietas Museum 2015-2021

Lotlekhane centre of the aged and garden. In collaboration with the departments of Industrial Design and Visual Art and Honors students. Design and build recreation space and garden for the elderly, 2017.

Academic and Pedagogical Projects

“Virtual Reality as a pedagogical tool for an Immersive Experience of Historically Significant Urban Spaces: A virtual recreation of an erased multicultural community by apartheid”, Hendricks, D. M., Ntshona, M., Potgieter, I. 2021

“Alternative approaches to understanding Construction Technology in Architecture using Augmented Reality”, Hendricks, D. M., Potgieter, I. 2021

“Visualising Urban Data in Gauteng”, A collaboration with the Gauteng City-Region Observatory (GCRO), Hendricks, D. M., Potgieter, I., Dr Parker, A. Naidoo, Y., Khanyile, S. 2021

“Mycelium in assemblies: solutions for incremental housing” A collaboration with the Biotechnology and Food Technology Department, University of Johannesburg. Hendricks, D. M., Dr Serepa-Dlamini, M., Mcgurk, T.M, 2021

“Origami Constellations: Using folding to develop new perceptions of structure”, Hendricks, D. M., M., Mcgurk, T.M, 2021