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Jewellery Design and Manufacture (D8JD1Q)

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The University of Johannesburg (UJ) is situated in the metropolis of Johannesburg and is one of the dynamic Jewellery hubs of South Africa. The state of the art facilities combined with the expertise of the lecturing staff makes the UJ Department of Jewellery Design a premier setting to study towards a career in the Jewellery industry. The department’s aim is to cultivate broad-based skills associated with Jewellery entrepreneurship. Students are encouraged to develop a range of competencies which enables them to achieve their full creative potential.

The diploma programme incorporates Jewellery Practice that includes Jewellery Design, Drawing CAD and Manufacturing Techniques. Other key areas of study include Gemmology, Technology, Contextual Studies and Design Management.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities exist in the following:

  • Contemporary jewellery designer/maker
  • Commercial jewellery designer/manufacturer
  • Jewellery retail industry
  •  Retail / wholesale buying
  • Gemmology/diamond industry
  • Jewellery workshop manager
  • CAD jewellery designer
  • Education/training

Admission Requirements       

·         Senior certificate or equivalent qualification with a minimum APS or M-score

·         Attendance of an entrance assessment and submission of a portfolio once the application form has been processed


Average Point Score (APS)
A minimum APS of 18 with Mathematics or 19 with Mathematical Literacy is required to apply for the programme.


Min APSLanguagesMathematicsOther requirements
Language of teaching and learningOther recognised language
Maths Lit
(50 – 59%)
(50 – 59%)
(50 – 59%)
Maths Lit:4
​submission of
a specified portfolio



The entrance selection portfolio requirements for the Diploma in Jewellery Design and Manufacture (D8JD1Q) will consist of the following sections:


Section 1 – Self-Introduction Video

Upload a video of yourself.

This video must not be longer than 30 seconds.

A video that is longer than 30 seconds will not be assessed.

Very briefly, in 30 seconds, tell us who you are and what you find most exciting about studying at FADA.

Submission Format:  MP4, 40MB


Section 2 – Three-Dimensional Drawing

Draw a three-dimensional picture of an item of jewellery of your choice.

Submission Format:  jpg, jpeg, png, 2MB


Section 3 – Written Component

Essay Question:

Write an essay of 300 words only, about a recent news story or article that had an impact on your life and

how did it influence you or change the way you think about an issue?

Submission Format:  Input to be made within the textbox provided as part of Section 3, via the online entrance selection portfolio submission process.


Section 4 – Departmental Assessment

Use paper and glue to make the following box and lid exactly to the dimensions.

Accuracy, fit, and neatness are very important. PLEASE PHOTOGRAPH YOUR BOX ALONGSIDE A RULER.

Submission format: Image: Upload format: Image, jpeg, png, 2MB




Submission of a portfolio must only take place once you have officially applied to the university and have been officially invited by the faculty to participate in the entrance selection portfolio process.

You will be informed by means of an official entrance selection letter from the faculty regarding the portfolio requirements and the submission process.

No emailed portfolios (or part thereof) will be accepted.


Contact Details

Department of Jewellery Design and Manufacture

Secretary Name: Andrea Joubert
Telephone Number: 011 559 1125

BA Honours Design

The Bachelor of Arts Honours in Design prepares students for research-based postgraduate study and entry into a design career by enabling them to produce creative solutions to complex problems within a specialist area of design, and to conduct and report research under supervision.

Admission requirements

An appropriate Bachelor’s degree with a recommended minimum of 60% for all final year modules.

Selection Criteria

In addition to the minimum admission requirements as outlined above, prospective students may be required to present a portfolio of their own work to an interview panel.

Programme structure

a) Minimum duration: One year full-time/two years part-time

b) Maximum number of modules per year of study:

i) Full-time: Five semester modules

ii) Part-time: Three semester modules in year one (Research Methodology, Design Theory, Research Essay); and two semester modules in year two (Communication Design/Jewellery Practice and Design Project)

* Please refer to the applicable programme code and the curriculum structure with respect to an elective indicated with an asterisk ( *).

** Prerequisites herein are set up against for programme code H8DE1Q.


CDH8XA4Communication Design A (1st sem)Elective
FDH8XA4*Fashion Design A (1st sem)Elective
MDH8XA4*Digital Media Design A (1st sem)Elective
JPH8XA4*Jewellery Practice A (1st sem)Elective
IDH8XA4*Industrial Design A (1st sem)Elective
DPH8XB4Design Project B (2nd sem)Compulsory**CDH8XA4 or JPH8XA4
RMH8XA4Research Methodology: Design A (1st sem)Compulsory
DTH8XA4Design Theory A (1 st sem)Compulsory
REH8XB4Research Essay: Design B (2nd sem)Compulsory

RMH8XA4 and


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