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Quality Documents

​​The UQP develops and customises documents to facilitate review processes in faculties as well as academic development, service and support divisions.


UQP support material

The UQP has developed a series of manuals to facilitate quality reviews in faculties as well as service and support divisions.

These are based on HEQC criteria, but also incorporate criteria pertinent to the UJ context. The purpose of these manuals is to act as a guideline for quality reviews. They give an overview of the self-evaluation and peer review processes, indicate timelines, and provide guidelines and templates for the various role players.​

Manuals for faculties:

Generic manuals for faculties are available for module reviews, programme reviews, departmental reviews, or any combination of these. The manuals are, in consultation with the faculty/department, further customised to suit the needs of each faculty/department.

In addition, criteria have been customised for various faculties and departments.

Manuals are also available for the reviews of non-subsidised programmes, reviews of postgraduate studies as well as faculty reviews.

A new manual for the review of online programmes is currently in development and will be ready by mid-2016.

For queries regarding support material please contact Dragana Weistra (click here)

Manuals for service and support divisions:

A generic manual exists for reviews conducted in service and support divisions. The criteria in these manuals are also customised to suit the needs of each division.

For queries regarding support material please contact Dragana Weistra (click here)


National quality documents

The following list contains national quality-related material:


UJ quality documents

The following list includes links to UJ quality-related policies:


Criteria for Conference Attendance;

UJ Quality Promotion Policy;

UJ Quality Promotion Plan;

Guidelines for quality reviews in service and support divisio​ns by 2016;

UJ Self-Evaluation Report​ (2009)

Student Life at UJ (2009);

UJ at a Glance​ (2009);

UJ Institutional Improvement Plan​​ (2011);

UJ Institutional Progress Report I (2012);

UJ Institutional Progress Report II​ (2013).