​About Us

Vision and Mission Statement

The Institutional Office for HIV and AIDS (IOHA) aims to mainstream HIV and AIDS through all aspects of the University of Johannesburg’s core activities.


The best recognised HIV and AIDS office that provides quality services through innovation and relevance to the UJ community. 


To drive the national agenda related to HIV, STIs and TB within UJ programmes by:

  • ​Providing a holistic wellness programme for PLHIV;
  • Equiping students profesionally and personally to adress HIV and AIDS within their communities;
  • Adressing social drivers related to risky behaviour pertaining to HIV, e.g. substance abuse, stigma and gender related issues;
  • Promoting and advocating human rights issues related to marginalised groupings like women, PLWD, LGBTI and PLHIV in relation to HIV and AIDS;
  • Prevention of new HIV infections by creating an enabling environment at a behavioural, biomedical and societal level;
  • Positioning IOHA amoung its internal and external stakeholders using strategic and innovative methods of communication.


Shaping the future

  • Keeping abreast with relevant knowledge and skills in HIV field;
  • Being creative in designing of HIV and AIDS messages to attract and increase student participation;
  • Implementing creative and interactive methodologies to educate the UJ community on HIV and AIDS.
Independent thinking

  • ​Individual expertise, skills, knowledge and experience for the greater good of the UJ;
  • Derive best practices.
Ambition and drive

  • Strive to deliver a service of excellence;
  • Working towards zero new HIV infections, zero HIV related deaths and zero discrimination;
  • Being proactive at all times.

Making wise decisions collectively

  • Sharing knowledge, skills and expertise in order to be the best HIV and AIDS service delivery office nationally;
  • Derive best practices.​
​Marginalised groups

  • Accomodative of otherness through self-introspection and valuing diverse opinions consistently.
​Mutual groups

  • Collaboration with internal and external UJ groups who share the same interests and focus as IOHA.
Consultative leadership

  • Striving to solve conflict through constructive criticism and feedback;
  • Striving towards maturity through commitment to the IOHA VAlues Charter.
Community engagement

  • Support Communities by providing outreach programmes such as clothing donations, HIV awareness and skills building sessions;
  • IOHA Values.
Being proactive at all times​