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Credit card details

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UJ appointed the service provider Mygate to process the University's online credit card payments in a secure manner. Mygate is also used by large businesses such as Naspers, DSTV, Afrihost and WebTickets.​

To see how Mygate works with your bank, and what security is in place, follow this link
To see more about Mygate, follow this link

Give via UJ's secure Mygate payment gateway

To open the secure UJ MyGate payment gateway, follow this link:

This screen will appear:


Show us who you are, what you’re giving to, and the amount

Name: Type in your name exactly as it appears on your credit card, including the Mr / Mrs / Ms.

Reference: 178550.14300 – for UJ Equipment, computers and infrastructure

Amount: 1000        (Just type numbers, so type 1000 to give R1000)

Click on SUBMIT

Then you get the next screen:​


Enter your card details and confirmation email for your tax certificate

Credit card number: Type in your credit card number, no spaces.

Card holder’s name: Type your name exactly as is appears on your card, including the Mr Mrs Miss.

Expiration date: This appears on the front of your card.

CCV number: This is the three-digit number on the back of the card, next to your signature.

Budget Period: Click on Straight if you want to contribute the whole amount at once.
Click on Budget if you want to spread the amount over a few months.

Confirmation email:

To issue a Section 18A Tax Certificate to you, we need the confirmation email to

Click on PROCEED to complete the process.

Please remember to download the Tax Certificate Info form, print it, fill it in, scan it and email it to

To download the form, follow this link.

Thank you!

We appreciate each and every contribution.​​​​​