Partner with us in Reimagining our Future

We invite you to reimagine the future with us. We know what we must do to ensure a bright future for Africa. We are no longer postponing, procrastinating or pondering.

We need to take hands with industry and public partners to effect the changes needed for our country and our continent. By advancing UJ's Fourth Industrial Revolution's vision, you have the opportunity to align your investment to the strategy of your organisation.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution brings with it opportunities to reinvent South Africa's role on the global stage. UJ is resolute to supply our economy with the technology and relevantly skilled graduates to move South Africa from fringes of globalisation. UJ is re-examining the way in which we teach our children, approach law, collaborate as Africa and integrate Asian principles to ensure human and social expansion in this new paradigm.

Your investment in UJ will ensure multi-disciplinary research, innovation and teaching that could put you ahead of your field as we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution and allow our country and continent to thrive.

We will offer partners who invest in UJ a host of benefits, including:

  • Publicity and Branding: UJ will use our media platforms to advertise this partnership and to promote your brand. Additionally, the Marketing and Communications Department at UJ will endeavour, wherever possible, to promote the partnership in the public spaces through its media contacts.
  • Tax break: The University will issue an 18A Tax Certificate in terms of the Income Tax Act for the donation towards the project.
  • B-BBEE Scorecard: You will benefit from the University's Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment status.

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